Local Businesses & Cities Working Together


We have one shared goal when it comes to local businesses: to get every business up and operating safely so we can preserve jobs, and pave the way to a vibrant economy. We don't know exactly what challenges we'll face, what problems we'll need to solve, or what innovation will result. What we do know is that city officials and local businesses can accelerate progress by working together.  With Groopit, we can start  #crowdsolving our way to a vibrant economy. Here's how it works: 

First, define the information business leaders should share

The first people to understand the obstacles to a vibrant economy are those on the frontlines - business leaders. Report problems as soon as they start emerging, so we all have a better understanding and the opportunity to get ahead of them.



Share your business status now and as it changes, so the city and fellow business leaders can more effectively support you. If your business is open, closed, or any stage in between, report the status to put your business on our map.



Groopit makes it easy to start #crowdsolving toward a vibrant local economy. The solution includes three real-time reporting forms to get you started, so that local businesses and city leaders can start sharing:

The best solutions often come from people who need a solution - business leaders. Report potential solutions and specific requests so everything can be considered as we pave our way to a vibrant economy. 



Use the iOS app, Android app, or any computer with an browser.

Report important information
with a few quick taps.

Know what's happening and jump in to problem solve.

Groopit makes it easy to get people on board. The solution includes a friendly link that you can give to every business leader and city official. To get them started, just ask them to report their Business Status. 

Second, invite business leaders to start #crowdsolving

Third, add multi-group functionality for large cities, counties or states

Groopit has everything leaders need to roll-out across multiple cities or business communities,

Request data across multiple cities

Publish information across multiple cities

More with Groopit Enterprise Edition

Link groups to see trends across cities

Start crowdsolving today

Start a Groopit like this instantly or schedule a demo to see how it works.  You can use the free version of Groopit forever and paid features when you need them. Get started now.