How is COVID-19 testing actually working? 

We'd like to know too. While information regarding where to get tested is now widely available, many are wondering if and how testing is actually working. We want to understand how testing is working from the perspective of people who get tested. We are students at Harvard Medical School building a crowd-sourced database of reviews using Groopit. Anyone who gets tested can rate and review their experience. People who need to get tested can use the information to learn more about the testing options available to them. Healthcare administrators and policy makers can use the information to capture immediate feedback and see trends to better inform their decision making and priorities. If you've been tested for COVID, please help us by reviewing your experience. 

How you can help

Wherever you are in the world, you can help others by adding local testing sites in your community.  



Provide real-time information about your experience so we all have a better understanding of what to expect.




Join us online

Join our online group. You can use the iOS app, Android app, or computer with an internet browser. 

Make real-time reports. It will take just a few quick taps to contribute the important information we need.

See what people are reporting, comment, ask questions and find the information you need.

If you've gotten tested for COVID-19, review your experience now. 

Your review will be accessible to the public so anyone can read and learn how COVID-19 testing is working. Please do not share information you want to keep private. 

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