City-wide Initiatives: Mutual Aid


As we face COVID-19, local authorities understand it's essential that people organize where trusted relationships already exist - every neighborhood, apartment building, retirement community, school group, church, cultural center - communities small and large.  Now, they're equipping communities to #crowdsolve with Groopit.

First, define the information people should share

Check-in with every community member, figure out who needs help in-the-moment and who might appreciate extra support later, like our neighbors working in healthcare.



Count help provided, so our community members see what's happening and are inspired to jump in as they see how every action matters.



Identify who is willing to provide help to neighbors they know, like calling to check in on an elderly neighbor or delivering supplies.



In a mutual aid initiative, that means getting communities to share 1) who can help, 2) who needs help and 3) help provided. With a few quick taps, people share important information within their trusted communities. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, leaders can redirect communities to contribute new and different information.

Join. Community members use the iOS app, Android app, or any computer with an internet browser.

Report. Community members contribute important information with a few quick taps.

Know. Community members see what's happening as it happens, respond and jump in to help.

Every community gets their own linked Groopit. This allows communities to operate independently, and at the same time, stay connected so that when there's a city-wide need or change, they know immediately and can jump in.

Second, equip community organizers with a linked Groopit

Third, build community capabilities fast

Groopit has everything local authorities need to roll-out fast.  Make a decision today and begin a city-wide roll out tomorrow. Groopit provides everything you need, including: 

A custom landing page

A custom organizer's guide

A custom one-hour kick-off webinar

Tips and tricks for organizers

Ability for authorities to identify emerging problems, prioritze, and redirect communities as the crisis unfolds.

A custom Groopit for your communities

Ability for authorities to provide and request information

Why does participation break down? Learn the four reasons and how the crowdsolving cycle changes everything. 90 seconds Video

What makes Groopit work for mutual aid? Hear strategies behind the technology in this interview with Groopit CEO, Tammy Savage.  5 minute video

How does Groopit work for mutual aid?  Watch this webinar excerpt to see a Groopit product demo for mutual aid. 18 minute video

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If you'd like to learn more about how your city, county, or state can use Groopit's mobile application for mutual aid, equipping neighborhoods and communities to self-organize, let us know so that we can talk today.