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Businesses don't know exactly what challenges they'll face over the next year, what problems they'll need to solve, or how they'll innovate. What they do know is that they need a way to solve problems with speed, efficiency and human insight. The Groopit Crowdsolving Solution helps businesses accelerate progress with an extended team of employees and real-time data. Here are three examples:

Anticipating Supply & Demand Shifts with an Extended Team of Supplier-Facing Employees

Anyone on the team can identify capacity constraints as they emerge or are anticipated.


Manufacturers, farmers, plants, and producers report inventory levels with a few quick taps.


Businesses are facing unpredictable shifts in supply and demand, and need to get ahead of potential problems. need to anticipate problems and solve them rapidly. Use Groopit to bring together supplier-facing staff, planners, plant operators, and suppliers into an extended team. Capture the real-time data you need like inventory levels, capacity constraints, and unexpected events. As a result, the entire team will be able to anticipate and rapidly solve problems.

Capture unexpected purchasing, events, or situations as they happen to rapidly identify patterns that could impact supply and demand.


Businesses need to accelerate their understanding of customers and how their priorities are changing. Use Groopit to bring customer-facing employees across sales, marketing, support, legal and product into an extended team. Capture customer priorities, challenges, red flags, investment areas and the real-time data you need. As a result, you will be equipped to instantaneously access the real-time human insights you need to inform messaging, product, sales and retention strategies.

Customer-facing employees look for and report red flags (furlows, budget cuts, reductions, challenges) so we can get a real-time view of customer stability.


Customer-facing employees identify changing customer priorities and needs, to inform business priorities, messaging, product, and decisions.


Customer-facing employees uncover areas of customer investment - financial and strategic initiatives - to rapidly identify new opportunities.


Understanding Customers with an Extended Team of Customer-Facing Employees

Frontline managers listen to what employees rave about (support from their peer, the new policy we rolled out) and capture employee quotes, so everyone can understand what yields positivity and do more of it.


Frontline managers listen to what employees complain about (zoom headaches?) and capture the new nagging issues, so the extended team can get smarter and make the work environment better. 


Businesses need to get people back to work quickly, efficiently and at scale. Use Groopit to bring frontline managers into an extended team capturing employee challenges, progress, and the real-time data you need to get answers instantly. As a result, the entire team will be able to identify emerging issues and help solve problems in real-time. Learn more>>

As the work environment evolves, businesses accelerate understanding and progress with deep dive into specific topics. The extended team contributes real-time data, insights, and learns together.


Transforming the Employee Experience with an Extended Team of Frontline Managers

Bring the extended team together online using the Groopit iOS app, Android app, or any computer with a browser.

Define the real-time data people should report and set-up forms so reports can be made with a few quick taps.

Create real-time views
so everyone knows what's happening, sees progress and can jump in to problem solve.

Now, loosely connected people can work together to accelerate results with real-time data.

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