The ultimate way to get competitive intel from frontline employees

Groopit makes it easy for employees to share intelligence. Everyone involved will be empowered with real-time data, so they can use it to create competitive advantage. We call it  #crowdsolving

Groopit replaces the chaos 

If you're company is like most, competitive intelligence is everywhere and nowhere. It's in emails, texts, spreadsheets, surveys, channels, discussed at meetings and buried in CRMs. It gets lost in the chaos of ad-hoc data. Why? Because there hasn't been an effective workflow for sharing it --- until Groopit.  


Groopit for Competitive Intelligence is the ultimate way to get, share, and use data from frontline employees

Get precisely the right data

Groopit Actions make it easy for frontline employees to share competitive intel, including:

  • Competitor Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Competitor Pricing
  • Competitor Product Information
  • Competitor Positioning
  • Competitor Sales & Marketing Activity

Activate your organization immediately

Facing a new competitive threat? Create a new Action and start collecting data before you finish that cup of coffee. You'll define the specific data needed - location, photos, text, tags, numbers, responses - to get people sharing any data, at any time. 

Three taps or less than a minute

Actions are designed to share data in three taps or less than one minute. It's easier than ordering an Uber. And, since it's so fast, frontline employees share data in real-time, yielding high-quality and quantitative data instantly. 

Empower everyone to create competitive advantage

Groopit shares a lightweight feed of competitive intelligence so everyone is in-the-know. View, search, learn, comment, coach, and problem-solve. Everyone involved is empowered with real-time data and uses it to create competitive advantage in their respective roles

Access and integrate data

Integrate Groopit into Slack, Salesforce, and multiple enterprise systems. Groopit’s advanced data controls makes it easy to contribute data, download data into a spreadsheet or integrate data into existing enterprise systems. 

Watch this 1-minute demo to see how Groopit works.

Groopit has a Slack app, iOS app, Android app, and a web version to use on any device with a browser.

"Since using Groopit for data sharing, we've increased revenue 42% and cut meeting time in half."

Stephanie Stuckey, CEO, Stuckey's Corporation 

Manufacturer of pecan-themes candies and souveniers.

7 Best Practices for Competitive Intelligence


For most teams, competitive intelligence is underutilized. The act of collecting and sharing it is cumbersome, so employees do not engage in the process. The result - missed opportunities to outsmart competitors and win more business. 

Download this ebook or watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why competitive intelligence work is complex
  • The seven best practices to gathering it
  • How Groopit makes implementing easy

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