Georgia uses Groopit Crowdsolving to bring all of Georgia to the challenge of accelerating statewide drawdown of carbon emissions

Drawdown Georgia at a Glance

Goal: Reduce CO2 emissions in
to 69 megatons by 2030, an 

anticipated 43% reduction

Funding by Ray C Anderson Foundation

Founding partners of Georgia Climate Project 

The Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Georgia

Emory University

Georgia State University

Statewide initiative including

All companies based in Georgia

All municipalities in Georgia

All climate groups and nonprofits.
All community & business leaders,
policy makers, advocates, innovators, entrepreneurs, and officials in Georgia.

Drawdown Georgia is the first state-centered effort to crowdsolve for climate change with solutions that are tailored to Georgia’s unique natural, economic, and social resources. 

Georgia’s problem is simple—the state emits 125 megatons of CO2 per year, and their goal is to reduce their carbon impact to 69 megatons by 2030.  Inspired by Project Drawdown, they will accelerate CO2 reduction by providing a "big tent" where all climate groups, all companies, all municipalities, all communities and all groups working on Georgia’s economic, environmental and social future can come together, work together and move us farther, faster. 

Drawdown Georgia is using the Groopit Crowdsolving Platform to accomplish their ambitious goals. 

Addressing climate change requires contributions from everyone – cities, counties, businesses, industry, activists, advocates and leaders of all type. Groopit’s Crowdsolving Platform allows us to engage all of the constituent groups across the state and collect the exact data we need for analysis and reporting.

Lisa Lilienthal

Principal, Dialogue Purpose Practice

Drawdown Georgia

Success highlights using Groopit to reduce CO2 Emissions

Real-time statewide view of all climate change projects. Identifying projects used to be a manual, time consuming process. Groopit delivers a real-time, statewide view so everyone can see every project underway.

Extended team involved in problem-solving. Before Groopit, solving problems fell to the dedicated few. Groopit makes it easy for Georgians to identify challenges, so people with related experience, expertise, or energy can step up proactively to find solutions. 

Measure leading indicators of progress and results. It used to be hard to see progress. Now crowdsolvers across the state can report progress big and small, so progress can be tracked and the community can cheer each other on.

Builds statewide momentum with local affinity groups. Companies, municipalities, universities, and nonprofits can lead their own initiatives, and help build statewide momentum by leveraging Drawdown Georgia Crowdsolving for affinity groups.

Drawdown Georgia provides Real-time Direction with their six crowdsolving actions


Identify every person and organization in Georgia committed to reducing C02.


Register every project, big or small, advancing Drawdown Georgia.


Let us know you're making progress by sharing photos & updates!

Crowdsolvers know exactly what information to contribute in-the-moment.


Identify challenges as they emerge and escalate.


Surface opportunities that Georgians can participate in.


Share what's working, best practices, learnings

and results.

Drawdown Georgia Crowdsolvers report Real-time Data

Crowdsolvers use their mobile phone or computer to report important information with a few quick taps and see reports from other crowdsolvers.

Drawdown Georgia Crowdsolvers have Real-time Visibility

Crowdsolvers always know what's happening across the state, see progress and can step up to help solve problems.

Counting people and projects

Mapping progress

Commenting and responding

Confidential data is hidden

Drawdown Georgia uses Groopit Enterprise Edition to Scale

Reducing C02 requires people proactively making progress throughout every mile of the state, Drawdown Georgia brings people together in one flagship group and countless affinity groups using Groopit Enterprise Edition.  The flagship is designed to create a big picture view of what's happening across the state.  Affinity groups focus on specific solutions, locations, and organizations, enabling independent crowdsolving and results.

  • Groopit Enterprise Edition configured for multi-group implementation.
  • Crowdsolving actions and counters integrated into Drawdown Georgia website via Groopit API.
  • Crowdsolver details automatically added to the Drawdown Georgia Hubspot CRM via Groopit API.
  • Crowdsolving data aggregated and accessible via Groopit API & on demand spreadsheet download.


If you're interested in using Groopit Crowdsolving for your initiative, schedule time to talk about it with the team at Groopit.