Corporate leaders use Groopit to
listen to stakeholder groups, including distributed & remote employees.


The problem with listening: Listening is essential to problem-solving, but it's an extremely time-consuming process. Leaders constantly make trade-offs between slow, high-quality listening and fast, low-quality listening when they use traditional methods:

  • one-on-ones, meetings, channels, and email take time to extract quantifiable insights and data
  • town halls give voice to the boldest & loudest 
  • survey fatigue and frustration grows when results lag and immediate value is limited  
  • shared spreadsheets are neglected when there's little value for contributors
  • sentiment analysis reflects organic conversation, which can lack leader directed focus

Listening using traditional methods is harder and slower than it needs to be. As a result, problems outpace an organization's ability to understand and respond to the changing business environment.      

Groopit accelerates the listening process with real-time direction, data, and visibility. #Crowdsolving

Leaders create crowdsolving actions so everyone knows what to focus on and exactly what data to contribute. Capturing data in real-time reduces recall required and yields more accurate information on any topic:

Real-time Direction

The action may focus on challenges (as shown), distractions, changes, insights, progress, activity, problems - anything.

Real-time Data Collection

People use their mobile phone or computer to make reports and capture important information with a few quick taps. 

Viewed immediately

Downloaded into a spreadsheet

Integrated, using an API, into existing enterprise systems such as Salesforce, Tableau, Slack, Hubspot, and more.

The data collected can be: 

Real-time Visibility

People can see reports made within their group and views of aggregate data so everyone knows what's happening and can proactively step up to solve problems. 

Multiple view types.

Confidential data can be hidden.

Comment, @mention, and flag data.

Groopit Enterprise Edition makes it easy to scale

Establish multiple cohorts of employees that you can listen to at any time and instantaneously tap into their insight.  

  • Establish cohorts by location.  Example: Corporate employees in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles
  • Establish cohorts by job responsibility.  Example: Front-line managers, facilities managers, plant managers.
  • Establish cohorts by key account. Example: Sales, legal, engineering and support team for a specific account. 

While the leader is listening to multiple cohorts, people within a cohort will be listening to each other, learning together, and can step up proactively to help solve problems within their domain of control. The administrator for Groopit Enterprise Edition will be able to collect and aggregate data across multiple cohorts with one simple step. 

"Groopit makes it easy to focus everyone on the topic at hand and collect quantifiable data, fast ... It's not just another widget. Groopit is literally a game changer."

– VP Sales, Financial Services Industry

If you're interested in using Groopit Crowdsolving for your initiative, schedule time to talk about it with the team at Groopit.

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