Accelerate the return to work with an extended team of managers contributing real-time data from the frontlines

Leaders are working tirelessly to get employees back to work and accelerate return to a fully operational business. But the most valuable information is often the hardest to get: real-time insights from the fontlines. These are the insights that allow leaders to catch emerging issues before they become big problems, understand what's working and what's not, leverage best practices, prioritize and apply their expertise to get people back to work at scale. This data is often gathered manually through shared spreadsheets, surveys, and meetings. The process is time consuming, yielding inconsistent and lagging data. As a result, the nuances of problems change faster than an organization's ability to see, understand, and solve them. It is what causes organizations to fall victim to crisis and fail. But this doesn’t have to be the case.  Groopit helps businesses accelerate results with an extended team contributing real-time data from the frontlines. Here's how it works: 

Define the real-time data needed

Report forms are set-up so frontline managers know which insights to contribute and to make reporting easy with a few quick taps. For example: 

Emerging challenges

Positive employee quotes


Deep dives into any topic

As the business evolves, make it easy to deep dive into specific topics like absenteeism or policy feedback to get important information from people closest to the topic. New report forms can be created instantaneously to collect the exact data needed in real-time.

Make real-time data visible to frontline managers

Provide transparency by making it easy to see reports as they are made.  This step is essential because it provides everyone with real-time opportunities to learn, help each other solve problems, and see progress unfold. 

Feed, map, counter and goal views

Search results and filtering

Comments, @mentions and flags

Hide confidential data so that it can be contributed in real-time and kept private

Integrate data into existing enterprise systems

Groopit gives leaders everything they need to roll-out across business units or divisions.

Download spreadsheet data on demand 

Use an API to integrate data into systems

Set-up a group per region or department

Collect data across multiple groups

Publish information across multiple groups

Redirect people instantaneously

Groopit #Crowdsolving Makes It Easy

Real-time Workplace

Real-time Direction

Real-time Data

Real-time Visibility

People come together in a dedicated workplace using an iOS app, Android app, or any internet browser.

People know exactly what data to contribute in-the moment and leaders can redirect them at any time.

People report important information with a few quick taps and leaders set up forms to make reporting easy. 

People can see reports as they are made , know what's happening, jump in to solve problems and work together. 

Watch a 90-second product demo to see how Groopit works.

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Start crowdsolving today

Start this Groopit instantly.  You can use the free version of Groopit forever and paid features as you need them. Or, schedule a demo if you're interested in learning more about Groopit Enterprise Edition.