Sales Initiative

Identifying emerging issues, revenue risks and competitive insights to accelerate sales progress and revenue.


Onboarding Initiative

Working together across sales, product, support and legal teams to accelerate pilots in strategic accounts.

Services Initiative

Remote employees reporting services rendered to reduce time spent on back office support and processes.

Strategic Initiative

Cross-company directors capturing roll-out progress and results within their respective departments.


Political Campaign

Building grassroots momentum with relational organizing executed by volunteers and supporters.


Social Services

Providing services to homeless guests while tracking what has been done and what’s next.

Citizen Science

State park employees and volunteers track destruction as soon as it’s discovered to speed up restoration.


Residents track conditions during and after a flood to understand changing water patterns and impact.


Autism Research

Parents and caregivers of children with a specific genetic variant track milestones reached.

Infectious Disease Research

Patients with complex conditions track test results, treatments, and outcomes to help identify what works.

Patient Initiatives

Patients, families and care givers track conditions daily to provide their doctor with more accurate information.

Care Giving Initatives

In-home care teams track care given every day so family members always know what’s happening.

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