We are in this together. Join the movement to support each other during the fight against COVID-19.

Omaha is a community known for helping through times of great need. No matter the circumstances, our community members step up and pitch in to ensure #EveryNeighbor is cared for. The more we can rely on each other, the easier it will be for our health care providers and first responders to be where they’re needed most. 

One Omaha has partnered with the online platform, Groopit, to implement the online Groopit app for use by Omaha neighborhoods and community groups. The free app allows a secure way for individuals to help each other. Each Groopit organizer can form a private, online group connected to neighbors and community members in an inner circle, as well as One Omaha, a trusted member of the City of Omaha’s COVID-19 Advisory Committee.

Helping can be as simple as checking in on an elderly neighbor or delivering supplies to a neighbor in need.

#EveryNeighbor taking responsibility

In this crisis, it is essential that we rely on our everyday communities where trusted relationships already exist. We identify:



Identify who is willing to provide help to neighbors they know, like calling to check in on an elderly neighbor or delivering supplies.



Check-in with every community member, figure out who needs help in-the-moment and who might appreciate extra support later, like our neighbors working in healthcare.



Count help provided, so our community members see what's happening and are inspired to jump in as they see how every action matters.

Start Organizing with Groopit

Now is the time to leverage trusted relationships and organize to help each other. This includes every neighborhood, apartment building, retirement community, school group, church, cultural center, and more. Groopit allows communities to operate independently, and at the same time, stay connected so that when there's a city-wide need or change #EveryNeighbor can easily and immediately help one another. 

Join. Start or join a community group using the iOS app, Android app, or computer with an internet browser.

Report. Make real-time requests and contribute important information with a few quick taps.

Be in-the-know. See what your neighbors are reporting, respond, and jump in when you can.

Lend a hand. Work together. Stay in touch.

Form a private, online group focused on COVID-19. We'll give you everything you need to get started and get your community connected. 

Are you willing to organize a community?

Omaha communities organizing for COVID-19. 

If you are willing to organize a community specifically for COVID-19, we'll give you everything you need to get started and get your community connected. If you already organize a community, please tell us more.

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