Enterprise Controls

Drive results across multiple extended teams with #Enterprise Controls

Sometimes you need one extended team and sometimes you need thousands.  For example, corporations enlist sales, customer service, support, product development and legal to work as an extended team on a key account pilot program and replicate that model across multiple accounts. Retailers enlist store managers to work as an extended team and replicate that model across geographies. Medical researchers enlist patients, families, and caregivers to work as an extended team and replicate that model across every patient.  Groopit Enterprise Edition makes it easy for multiple groups to work independently, while allowing leaders to provide centralized direction, data collection and visibility.  

Multi-Group Management

Groopit Enterprise Edition allows similar teams to operate independently, yet simultaneously contribute data about progress and problems. 

Multi-Group Adaptability

Groopit Enterprise Edition makes it easy to redirect extended teams and activate new forms across multiple groups as problem-solving evolves. 

Enterprise Data Security

Groopit Enterprise Edition allows administrators to follow GDPR and HIPAA compliant enabled data collection, according to their internal policies.

Enterprise Control Features

Groopit’s Enterprise Crowdsolving Platform gives you the ability to scale your initiatives and collect data from a multitude of groups, all while giving you full administrative controls and protecting sensitive data. With Groopit’s Enterprise Controls you can:

  • Replicate extended teams. Once one extended is working together, it takes just one click to replicate their approach and equip similar extended teams with the same crowdsolving capabilities. 
  • Create an enterprise form so that all extended teams can contribute the same information.
  • Update an enterprise form and changes will automatically propagate across multiple groups.
  • View an enterprise report feed to see reports made by multiple groups using an enterprise form.
  • Download enterprise data from multiple groups to compare progress, problems, and results.
  • Integrate enterprise data collected into existing systems, data warehouses and advanced reporting tools through the Groopit open API.
  • Protect sensitive information using Groopit’s secure data storage and access protocols which follow industry privacy and security best practices.
  • Direct and redirect multiple groups simultaneously by pinning new directions to the home screen and sending alerts.
  • Publish content across multiple groups and ask for responses to get quick reactions across the enterprise.
  • Recognize progress and top contributors and progress across multiple groups.
  • Maintain enterprise control while allowing extended teams to work independently.
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