Unleash the power of people to solve any problem

What is #crowdsolving?

Crowdsolving is a new category of software that unleashes the power of people to solve any problem. If you’ve used the traffic app Waze, then you know crowdsolving. Drivers report traffic accidents with a few quick taps, in-the-moment. The data is immediately shared so all drivers can use it to inform their own decisions. Ultimately, drivers outsmart traffic together. This is crowdsolving and Groopit brings crowdsolving to business. 

Three core #crowdsolving capabilities

Groopit provides the three core capabilities needed to implement a crowdsolving strategy: real-time direction, data sharing, and visibility.

Real-time Direction. Groopit makes it easy to define the data people should share – it’s like defining the traffic accident for your business. Choose from 30+ pre-built Data Sharing Workflows or build one from scratch. 

Real-time Data Sharing. Groopit’s Data Sharing Workflows make it easy for employees to share high-quality, quantitative data with three taps, in less than a minute and from wherever they work today – Slack, Teams, Salesforce, Groopit, or any web-based business application. 

Real-time Visibility. Groopit aggregates data employees share so everyone involved is seeing, learning, and using the data to inform their own decisions. 

The capacity to solve any problem

As leaders use crowdsolving to tackle one problem, they’re building an organizational capability to solve any problem. It’s a long-lasting capability with established habits, practices, and systems to tackle whatever comes their way. Ultimately, Groopit #crowdsolving unleashes the power of people to solve any problem.

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