Enterprise controls

Think big and drive results across multiple projects with our #Enterprise Controls

Sometimes you can collect all the data you need with one project, other times you need to operate thousands of projects, where each team is working independently and contributing data to the enterprise. Groopit gives you the ability to collect longitudinal data at the enterprise level, contributed through independent projects. Groopits’ enterprise-wide data collection capabilities, GDPR and HIPAA data protection policies, and advanced access controls, makes Groopit a good fit for your most important initiatives.

Enterprise-wide data collection

Accelerate progress by allowing similar projects to operate simultaneously and independently, while contributing consistent structured data to the enterprise.

Advanced access control

Manage the data, members, and rights for each project with our advanced setup and enterprise access controls.

Enterprise data protection

Use Groopit to collect and protect sensitive information knowing our solution is both GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Enterprise Control Features

Groopit’s Enterprise Crowdsolving Platform gives you the ability to scale your initiatives and collect data from a wide range of groups, all while giving you full administrative controls and protecting your sensitive data. With Groopit’s Enterprise Controls you can:

  • Enable multiple satellite deployments, so that similar teams can operate simultaneously and independently, while also contributing consistent, structured, important enterprise data.
  • Allow projects to be managed at the satellite level while still maintaining enterprise control.
  • Link satellite projects at the enterprise level, for common data collection, monitoring and access.
  • Direct and redirect satellite projects simultaneously.
  • Use satellite forms to collect structured and unstructured data according to enterprise specifications.
  • Download cross-satellite project data on demand and access longitudinal data for time-series analysis and correlation.
  • Connect data collected to enterprise systems, data warehouses and advanced reporting tools through our open API.
  • Blend data collected from Groopit with other sources of information for advanced monitoring and analysis.
  • Protect sensitive information using Groopit’s HIPAA compliant data storage and access protocols.
  • Identify top contributors across your enterprise and indirect teams.
  • Invite people to one or more projects, then manage individuals at the satellite or enterprise level.

“We’d never found a way to do this before.”

– Autism research, UW

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