Strategic Crowds

Bring key people together into a #Strategic Crowd

Do you need to get people who don’t work directly for you to help accelerate your results? Whether you want 5 or 5,000 people to contribute to your initiative, you need an effective way to bring them together. By building your strategic crowd with Groopit, you’ll be able to capture their attention, get them contributing, and keep them engaged over the long-haul so that you can achieve what’s important.

Easy to get started

Groopit is designed for everyday leaders. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. It is easy to set up a project, invite contributors, and start collecting the real-time data you need.

Cut through the noise

You’re asking people to do something important – Groopit helps you get their attention, keeps them engaged, and makes it easy for everyone to proactively contribute.

Lead the crowd

Once you have your strategic crowd in place Groopit makes it easy to direct them, redirect them as the situation changes, and tap into them to drive progress.

Strategic Crowd Features

Groopit’s indirect team management software makes it easy to bring together the people you need to contribute to your goal. With Groopit’s Strategic Crowds you can:

  • Cut through the noise and create a place where your crowd can come together online.
  • Establish a clear purpose, goals, and the information people should proactively contribute.
  • Bring together the key people you need to achieve your goal.
  • Let them see what’s happening, as it happens and create views that show progress.
  • Unleash their initiative with Groopit’s self-organizing controls
  • Empower them to provide additional information, so you capture all of their important insights
  • Create a friendly link (URL) for your project
  • Customize the iOS app, Android app, and web experience for your project.
  • Control who has access by making the product public or private.
  • Import a list of existing members or invite people to join using their email address.
  • Get their attention using our automated app notifications or by sending email.
  • See member activity including when they join, comment, sign-up, contribute data, and more.

“Our affiliates are busy, so we needed a simple and practical way to get them focused on our brand and do their work – Groopit is the perfect solution.”

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