Bring loosely connected people together into an #Extended Team

Extended teams work outside traditional core teams. They span departments, disciplines, locations, hierarchies, organizations, industries, and expertise areas. There are a multitude of dependent and independent decision makers, tackling multiple issues over an extended period of time. People step up at unpredictable moments and take unpredictable actions. This work is not linear – it is fluid and complex. Whether you have ten or ten thousand people involved, Groopit gives you an effective way to bring them together. Groopit is designed specifically for extended teams to work together.

Easy to use

Groopit is a mobile app on iOS and Android and can be used on any computer or mobile phone with a web browser. Groopit also offers an Enterprise Edition designed for advanced multi-group scenarios.

Easy to get started

Groopit is a SaaS solution that requires does not require custom code, development or technical expertise. It’s easy to set up so, leadership can come from anywhere and extended teams can start working together immediately. 

Easy to direct people

Groopit makes it easy to direct the extended team as a situation changes. The shared purpose reminds everyone what they’re doing and why it matters. Report forms keep people focused on contributing what is most important. 

Extended Team Features

Groopit’s crowdsolving solution makes it easy to bring loosely connected people together to achieve whatever is important. With Groopit’s Extended Team Featues you can:

  • Keep them focused and by creating a group for the extended team can come together online.
  • Establish a clear purpose and tell people why it matters on the custom about page.
  • Customize the iOS app, Android app, and web experience with your own images.
  • Create a friendly link (URL) for the extended team.
  • Control who has access by making the product public or private.
  • Import a list of existing members or invite people to join using their email address.
  • Get their attention using our automated app notifications or by sending email.
  • See member activity including when they join, comment, sign-up, contribute data, and more.
  • Make it easy to report important information with a few taps.
  • Let them see reports so they always know what’s happening as it happens.
  • Empower the extended team to self-organize and work together.
  • Encourage everyone by creating views that show progress.

“Our affiliates are busy, so we needed a simple and practical way to get them focused on our brand and do their work – Groopit is the perfect solution.”

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