Collect precisely the right data with Groopit. #Real-time Data Collection

Groopit Actions focus everyone on collecting the most important data

You’ll create Groopit Actions to collect the important data in real-time. Every Action tells people what to look for and why it’s important. Start an Action from scratch or with a template. It’s so fast, you can begin collecting real-time data before you finish a cup of coffee. 

9 data types designed for real-time data collection

You’ll define the specific data your frontline will collect within every Action. Choose from 9 data types designed for real-time collection – images, location, tags, text, numbers, data & time, lists, responses and hidden fields. It’s so simple, your frontline will capture precisely the right data every time. 


3 easy taps to yield high-quality, quantifiable data

Every Action is designed to capture data in three taps or less than one-minute. It’s easier than ordering an Uber.

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How Groopit Works

Watch this 1-minute tour to see how it works. Groopit can be used on any device with a web browser, an iOS or Android app. 

Groopit overview video

Get Started

Meet with a Groopit Crowdsolving expert to see a demo, learn more or get started today! 

Use Groopit on Any Device

Use the iOS app, Android app, or use Groopit on any device with a web browser.  Learn more >>

Share Real-Time Data

Groopit makes it easy to empower people with real-time data.

Access & Integrate Data

Groopit’s Enterprise Edition provides advanced data access and control. Learn more >>


Real-Time Data Collection Features

Groopit’s crowdsolving solution makes real-time and mobile data collection easy. Collect the exact information you need to accelerate results, research, or any initiative. With Groopit’s Real-time Data Collection capabilities you can:

  •  Define the data needed from your frontline.
  • Make reporting data in real-time easy by setting up Groopit Actions.
  • Collect structured data using location, images, numbers, tags, dates and times and response fields.
  • Collect unstructured data using a text field.
  • Hide sensitive data fields so only administrators see the information reported.
  • Allow members to define data options on the fly with user-generated tags and lists.
  • Create Actions on the fly to collect new data from the frontline.
  • Prepare Actions in advance, then make them active when you’re ready to mobilize people.
  • Download data into a spreadsheet to slice and dice it anyway you want.
  • Integrate data into existing systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, Tableau, Power BI, Slack, and more, with an API. 

“We’ve never had a way to do this before.”

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