Real-time Data Collection

Define the exact information you need with #Real-time Data Collection

The world is moving fast, but gathering information from an extended team is generally a slow process. By the time you get the data, the situation and nuances of the problem have already changed. Today information is often gathered through email, channels, conversations, surveys, and shared spreadsheets. But these existing tools do not work well with an extended team and leaders struggle to gather essential data such as frontline accounts of progress and problems. When there is a lack of real-time data from the extended team, progress breaks down. Groopit solves this problem with real-time data collection capabilities.

Make reporting data easy

Organizers define the information extended team members should report and set up forms to make reporting easy. Forms are built by choosing from eight data field types – tags, location, photos, numbers, data and times, responses, text, and hidden fields for confidential data. Each is designed to make real-time reporting easy.  

Access data

Organizers have access to all data reported. This is similar to how survey organizers have access to survey data. Organizers simply download data reported into a spreadsheet. Or, integrate data into existing enterprise systems in real-time using an API (ex. Salesforce, Tableau, Power BI, Slack, Teams and more).

Redirect data collection

Organizers can direct and redirect the extended team, so they are always contributing the most relevant data. When it is time to redirect people, organizers activate new forms, pin it to make direction visible and send an alert to the extended team. As problem solving evolves, organizers can adapt Groopit and everyone instantaneously. 

Real-Time Data Collection Features

Groopit’s crowdsolving solution makes real-time and mobile data collection easy. Collect the exact information you need to accelerate results, research, or any initiative. With Groopit’s Real-time Data Collection capabilities you can:

  • Define the data needed from the extended team.
  • Make reporting data in real-time easy by setting up forms.
  • Collect structured data using location, images, numbers, tags, dates and times and response fields.
  • Collect unstructured data using a text field.
  • Hide sensitive data fields so only organizers see the information reported.
  • Allow members to define data options on the fly with user-generated tags and lists.
  • Create forms on the fly to collect new data from the extended team.
  • Prepare forms in advance, then make them active when you’re ready to mobilze people.
  • Pin forms to draw attention to information needed urgently.
  • Download data into a spreadsheet to slice and dice it anyway you want.
  • Integrate data into existing systems (ex. Google Sheets, Sales Force, Tableau, Power BI, Slack, etc.) with an API. 

“Groopit gives us a way to collect high-quality information from each of our affiliates in a way that makes it easy to track activity and results.”

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