Real-time Data Collection

Define the exact information you need with #Real-time Data Collection

Do you need specific data and insights to accelerate your research, solve a complex problem, or fuel your strategic initiative? Do you need to know what everyone on your project does, sees or thinks? Groopit makes it easy to define the structured and unstructured data you want to collect so you get the precise information you need. Once your group gets going, you’ll get a real-time view of all the data as it comes in.

Any data type

Numbers, text, images, location, dates, times, and more – you define the data, prompts and flow by building forms designed specifically for real-time data collection.

Always at your fingertips

Stop losing important data in email and notes. With Groopit your data is organized, available electronically as it comes in, and can be downloaded at any time.

Progress tracking and reporting

Take the data you collect with Groopit, display it in a progress view for everyone to see, and feed it into your enterprise reporting and analytics solution for deeper analysis.

Real-Time Data Collection Features

Groopit’s real-time mobile data collection tool makes it easy to collect the exact information you need to accelerate your research, initiative or results. With Groopit’s Real-time Data Collection capabilities you can:

  • Define the precise data you need to collect including location, images, numbers, dates, times, tags, responses, and text
  • Allow contributors to define new structured data options on the fly with user-generated tags and lists, so you can organically expand your data set and capture important insights.
  • Make sensitive data fields hidden so only organizers see the information shared.
  • Automatically collect contextual data along with the explicit information provided.
  • Make it fast and easy for everyone to contribute by creating real-time data collection forms.
  • Instruct the crowd how to contribute and adjust instructions on-the-fly as the situation changes.
  • Get a real-time view of all the data as it comes in and breakdown the data by user, location, type of activity, or any criteria you define.
  • Get immediate visibility into what your crowd is seeing, doing and thinking.
  • Automate your data gathering; download a spreadsheet that includes the data from each of your projects as it’s collected.
  • Manage data workflows with custom flags, pinning, and responses.
  • Export data to a spreadsheet to slice and dice your data anyway you want.
  • Integrate with your existing reporting system by exporting data from GroopIt and integrating with your other data sources


“Groopit gives us a way to collect high-quality information from each of our affiliates in a way that makes it easy to track activity and results.”

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