Contributor App

Capture their limited attention and keep them engaged with our #Contributor App

Leading busy people who don’t work directly for you is hard. If you want their help, you need to make it very clear what you want them to do, make it easy to contribute, and motivate them to do it again and again. Our mobile Contributor App does all of this – we capture their attention, make it easy to contribute, and deliver an experience filled with progress, impact, and positive reinforcement to keep them engaged over the long haul.

Get them focused

Get contributors focused on your initiative with a clear understanding why it’s important and clear guidance on exactly what they can do in-the-moment to cut through the noise of their busy lives.

Get them contributing

Our mobile Contributor App makes it easy to contribute – whether they’re reporting on an action they’ve taken, a task completed, a request, an observation, anything – they can do it quickly and from wherever they are.

Long-term motivation

Groopit’s combination of easy contribution, visibility into what’s happening, and connection to like-minded people keeps people engaged over the long haul.

Contributor App Features

Groopit’s volunteer participation mobile Contributor App makes it easy for anyone to contribute to your project, group, initiative or effort. With Groopit’s Contributor App you can:

  • Make it immediately obvious what they should do and pin high-priority directives to the home screen.
  • Make it fast and easy for members to contribute the data you need with pre-defined fields, lists, tags, and one-touch contribution.
  • Let them see who is responding, signing up, contributing, and start connecting with each other through the process.
  • Empower them to organize tasks, start sign-ups, add new data fields on the fly, support others and take initiative.
  • Give them views that show collective progress by displaying data on a progress meter, counter, or map.
  • Create a place they can always come to know what’s happening, interact and focus on the work you’re doing together.
  • Recognize people and progress to inspire even more engagement.
  • Include everyone, the contributors who want an iOS app, an Android app, or who want to use their computer and a web browser.
  • Allow them to tell others, share the project & turn them into advocates, if you want them to promote it.
  • Cut through the noise and keep members up to date with app notifications and email spotlights that include quick link access.

“The work we do happens by many people all of the time and in different locations. We know we do good work, but we could never really see it. Now we all have the same reaction, “Wow, look at all the amazing things we’re doing together” – it’s the fuel that keeps us all working hard.”

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