Share real-time visibility into progress and problems 

Real-time visibility is essential for extended teams to operate.  When extended team members lack the ability to see what’s happening as it happens,  they lose the opportunity to step up and progress grinds to a halt.  Groopit provides real-time visibility so that team members can step up to tackle a specific issue, invent a new process, create a new strategy, evolve their understanding, revisit a decision and take action. 


See what’s happening

Extended team members automatically see a feed of every report made in the group.  They can comment, respond, @mention people, and add their own observations with a few quick taps.

See collective progress

Organizers set up views to display aggregate data and show progress. Views include a map, counter, goal meter, and more advanced view options in the Groopit Enterprise Edition.

See the big picture

Organizers can integrate data into existing analytics tools and executive dashboards, using human-generated data from the frontlines to inform the big picture view of a situation.

Real-time Visibility Features

Groopit’s mobile crowdsolving solution makes it easy for extended team members to participate and contribute to any problem-solving, initiative or effort. With Groopit Real-time Visibility Features you can:

  • See a feed of every report made in the group, so that every extended team member knows what’s happening. 
  • Search and filter reports to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Flag reports as closed, urgent, or custom flags set up by the organizer.
  • See who is reporting and responding so that who contributes is obvious. 
  • Create a counter or goal view to show collective progress. 
  • Create a map view to show location-based data.
  • Focus extended team members on the reports you want them to make with the “What do you want to report?” section.
  • Draw attention to high-priority forms, directions, and reports by pinning them to the home screen view.
  • Cut through the noise and keep members up to date with app and email notifications. 
  • Create a real-time home where the extended team can always see what is needed and what’s happening.

“The work we do happens by many people all of the time and in different locations. We know we do good work, but we could never really see it. Now we all have the same reaction, “Wow, look at all the amazing things we’re doing together” – it’s the fuel that keeps us all working hard.”

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