Structure collaboration so they can work like a well-functioning team 

Invited the extended team? Check. Defined the data they should contribute? Check. Gave them real-time visibility into what’s happening? Check. Now, it’s time to give them a platform where they can take the effort to the next level. Groopit’s structured collaboration features makes it easy for extended team members to step up, take initiative and be productive. 

Unleash their initiative

Once a project is up and running the organizer can start to empower members to take more initiative by allowing them to organize work and assist each other within the group.

Eliminate bottlenecks

Groopit’s organizer controls give everyone appropriate visibility into status, minimizing the back-and-forth emails that typically slow things down.

Maintain control

Organizers create a structure that allows a crowd to self-organize, while maintaining full control to monitor, edit, and remove both data and people.

Structured Collaboration Features

Groopit’s crowdsolving solution make it easy for extended team members to self-organize and organize work without waiting for an organizer to prescribe every step. With Groopit’s Structured Collaboration features you can:

    • Use Groopit so the extended team can self-organize within the collaboration structure you set-up.
    • Let everyone see what’s happening so they’re empowered to step up and take action proactively.
    • Give everyone power to organize a task, start a sign-up, pose a question, and message people who respond.
    • Let everyone see the status of sign-ups and responses to eliminate laborious back and forth coordination. 
    • Flag reports as closed, urgent, processed or create custom flags so team members see status at a glance.
    • Allow members to suggest data that needs to be reported with user-generated tags and lists.
    • Allow members to invite others to expand the extended team.
    • Encourage people who step up with likes, comments, and recognition reports.
    • Recognize people and progress to inspire even more engagement.
    • Reach everyone instantaneously; organizers can email everyone or just a subset of people involved.
    • Maintain full control of reportsorganizers can monitor, edit, and remove reports made by anyone.
    • Maintain full control of membership; organizers can make the group private, approve and remove members.  


    “We’ve eliminated a lot of the back-and-forth coordination and we just move faster with Groopit”

    – Shoulder to Shoulder

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