Self-organizing controls

Eliminate bottlenecks and turn your crowd into a well-functioning team with #Self-organizing controls

Defined the data you want to collect? Check. Invited the key people you need to contribute? Check. Gave everyone clear directions? Check. Once your crowd is contributing the insights, data and actions you need, it’s time to let them take some initiative and take the effort to the next level. Groopit’s self-organizing controls make it possible to turn your decentralized crowd into a well-functioning team that can work together and get results.

Unleash their initiative

Once a project is up and running the organizer can start to empower members to take more initiative by allowing them to organize work and assist each other within the group.

Eliminate bottlenecks

Groopit’s organizer controls give everyone appropriate visibility into status, minimizing the back-and-forth emails that typically slow things down.

Maintain control

Organizers create a structure that allows a crowd to self-organize, while maintaining full control to monitor, edit, and remove both data and people.

Self-Organizing Control Features

Groopit’s work organization platform and self-organizing controls let your group members identify relevant issues and work together to achieve more together, without waiting for the organizer to prescribe every step. With Groopit’s Self-organizing Controls you can:

  • Let everyone see who is responding, signing-up and contributing.
  • Mark status and progress using custom flags.
  • Make it easy for anyone to organize a task, create a custom sign-up or response and message the people who engage.
  • Send emails to everyone or just the subset of people involved in something specific and allow other task managers to do the same.
  • Encourage people to assist each other by commenting, liking, one-touch responses and one-touch sign-ups.
  • Allow people to identify data that needs to be reported with user-generated tags, providing richer insights powered by their own initiative.
  • Expand your team by allowing members to invite other relevant people.
  • Let everyone see what’s happening, as it happens so they’re empowered to take action at a time that’s right.
  • Create the structure so that the crowd can self-organize effectively and quickly.
  • Maintain full control as you monitor activity, edit reports, remove and redirect people as necessary.

“We’ve eliminated a lot of the back-and-forth coordination and we just move faster with Groopit”

– Shoulder to Shoulder

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