Sales leaders, stop waiting. Get real-time updates from the field with Groopit.

Groopit is the ultimate way to get your sales team sharing data

You’ll define the data people share – wins, competitive intel, pipeline math. Groopit includes 30 sharing templates to choose from.


Sharing takes 3 taps or less than 1 minute

Groopit is so simple, your field team can share information in 3 quick taps or less than a minute. Share photos, locations, tags, numbers, text, and more.


Everyone involved sees what’s happening in the field

Groopit shares a lightweight feed so information is consumable at-a-glance. View, search, comment –  everyone can use the data to inform their own decisions.  


Get results immediately

Need different information? Create a new Groopit Action and results view before you finish that cup of coffee.



Share from existing workflows in Slack, Teams, Salesforce & more

Use the Groopit apps for Slack, Teams, and Salesforce to integrate data sharing into existing workflows. 


“We increased revenue 42.7% while cutting sales meeting time in half by sharing with Groopit.”

Stephanie Stuckey, CEO of Stuckey’s Corporation |  DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY ->

Get real-time updates from the field with Groopit. Schedule a demo today »

9 Best Practices to Get Your Team Sharing Information from the Field

Competitive Intelligence

Sales teams are constantly asked to share more information. While businesses collect more data than ever, sharing data is still highly manual. What’s been lacking is a way to simplify sharing – until Groopit.

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  • Power of data sharing
  • Nine best practices for sales teams
  • Groopit solution

How Groopit Works

Watch this 1-minute tour to see how it works. Groopit can be used on any device with a web browser, an iOS or Android app. 


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