Get the data you need to accelerate research, problem-solving, and improve patient outcomes.

There are a wide-range of affiliated people involved in tackling our most perplexing challenges in healthcare – practitioners, specialists, researchers, providers, patients, families, caregivers and more. Groopit makes it easy for you to enlist affiliates and get them to contribute in a way that is useful. With Groopit you could accelerate understanding of a specific condition, track an emerging issue across specialists, or achieve a hospital-wide initiative that would not have been possible before. If you could just make it easy for affiliates to share their insights, you’d have a much richer view of the situation and how to chart a course forward. That’s what we help you do.

Popular healthcare solutions

Research acceleration

Bring together families and patients to accelerate understanding of a specific condition with real-time reporting, aggregated data views and community support.

Emerging issue tracking

Make it easy for doctors and staff to track emerging issues within a specialty or across a hospital system, providing qualitative and quantitative data needed to build a precise, broad understanding of what’s happening.

Family empowerment

Often an entire families are involved in patient care; give them an easy way to work together and capture insights as thing occur so that they can give you accurate information during visits. 

Groopit’s mobile data collection application gives healthcare providers an easy way to collect data from patients, families, caregivers and even other medical providers.

  • Bring together the key people you need to achieve your goal into a #Strategic Crowd.
  • Define the precise data you need to collect including location, images, numbers, dates, times, tags, responses, and text.
  • Adjust instructions on-the-fly as the situation changes and redirect your strategic crowd.
  • Make it fast and easy for members to contribute and capture their limited attention to keep them engaged with our easy-to-use #Affiliate App.
  • Allow contributors to define new structured data options on the fly with user-generated tags and lists, so you can organically expand your data set and capture important insights.
  • Get a real-time view of all the data as it comes in and enjoy immediate visibility into what your project team is seeing, doing and thinking.
  • Empower them to add new data fields on the fly, support other, take initiative, organize tasks, and start sign-ups. You create the structure so that the crowd can self-organize effectively and quickly with #Self-organizing controls.
  • Let them see what’s happening and who is responding, contributing, and start connecting with each other through the process so they are empowered to take action at a time that’s right.
  • Give them views that show collective situation by displaying data on a map, counter, timeline or progress meter.
  • Enable multiple satellite deployments, so that groups with different conditions can operate simultaneously and independently, while you collect common, consistent, structured, important enterprise data. You’ll have full control to collect, monitor and access data with our #Enterprise Controls
  • Connect data collected to enterprise systems, data warehouses and advanced reporting tools through our open API or download data into spreadsheets You’ll have access to all the data, including longitudinal data for time-series analysis and correlation.
  • Protect sensitive information using Groopit’s secure data storage and access protocols which follow industry privacy and security best practices. HIPAA comliant features can be enabled.

“No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.”

-Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems co-founder

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