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Patient-centered health research

You need the valuable insights that come directly from patients, their caregivers, and even practitioners to speed up the understanding of a medical condition or emerging problem. But, it’s hard to tap into their insights, observations, and capture the specifics about what happened. Subjects try to recall what happened weeks or months ago, you capture data through infrequent snapshots, and you cannot offer the progress that keeps them motivated to contribute. Groopit provides a way to set the research agenda, collect data in real-time, and connect the community so that everyone can gain insights in a scalable way.

Common challenges facing health researchers

Getting patient input that is actionable.
Collecting real-time data from patients, care givers and practitioners in a format that can be easily used for insights and analysis is hard. Delayed or intermittent reporting can result in inaccurate information and data gaps.


Setting up research around patients rather than the disease.
Causes are multifactor in nature and patients have valuable information, but that information can be hard to access and follow-up on.

Keeping people engaged is a challenge.
Progress can be slow, managing conditions is time-consuming and stressful. Busy schedules can make it hard to participate in the long term.

Managing patient-centered health research with Groopit

Groopit’s mobile patient-centered health research management software makes it easy to collect real-time information from patients and caregivers so that you have the actionable information you need to increase understanding and solve problems. With Groopit you can:

  • Bring together patient cohorts in one place where they can report on symptoms, milestones and treatments, interact with each other, introduce themselves, keep informed with timely accurate information, and answer quick surveys.
  • Define the precise data you need to collect from each patient including actions, behaviors, symptoms, feelings, quantities, events, photos, location, numbers, dates, times, tags, responses, and anecdotal feedback and quotes.
  • Adjust instructions on-the-fly as the situation changes and redirect your questions when there are new opportunities to learn and contribute.
  • Make it fast and easy for patients and caregivers to contribute and capture their limited attention to keep them engaged with our easy-to-use #Contributor App. Encourage them to share their experiences, ask them to contribute real-time data on the go and stay informed.
  • Allow contributors to define new structured data options on the fly with user-generated tags and lists, so you can organically expand your data set and capture important insights.
  • Get a real-time view of all the data as it comes in and enjoy immediate visibility into what your patients and caregivers are seeing, doing and thinking.
  • Empower them to organize tasks, start sign-ups, add new data fields on the fly, support others and take initiative. You create the structure so that the crowd can self-organize effectively and quickly with #Self-organizing Controls.
  • Let them see what’s happening and who is responding, signing up, contributing, and start connecting with each other through the process so they are empowered to take action at a time that’s right.
  • Give them views that show collective progress by displaying data on a progress meter, counter, or map.
  • Enable multiple satellite deployments, so that similar cohorts can operate simultaneously and independently, while you collect common, consistent, structured, important enterprise data across all your cohorts. You’ll have full control to collect, monitor and access data with our #Enterprise Controls.
  • Connect data collected to enterprise systems, data warehouses and advanced reporting tools through our open API or download data into spreadsheets. You’ll have access to all the data provided by your patients and their care-givers, including longitudinal data for time-series analysis and correlation.
  • Protect sensitive information using Groopit’ssecure data storage and access protocols which follow industry privacy and security best practices.

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