Finally an easy way for your group to work together

Stop chasing down information and wasting precious meeting time. Groopit's structured collaboration app lets you define the important information people should share online.  You collect real-time data and see progress unfold. Start a free Groopit now. 


"Groopit has radically changed how we gather information and use it."

Ryan H., Program Manager

"We had never found a way to track what's happening and work together at scale."

Holly J., Executive Director

"Groopit gives us momentum because everyone sees progress."

Jim  B., Board Chairman

Stop chasing down information. Groopit makes it easy to

report the important data, fast:

Direct the group

Define the important information members should share in real-time.

How Groopit works

Make reporting fast and easy

Set up forms so that reporting is fast and easy. You'll be collecting important data and can download it into a spreadsheet at any time.

See progress unfold

Members of the group see what's happening and can respond. Organizers flag and manage reports, create progress views and download data.

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Why Groopit Works

Three steps to stop participation breakdown

Group members don’t have time to think about what information other people need. With Groopit, the extended team knows exactly what information to share in-the-moment. Direction

Remove the guess work

Group members don’t have time write an email, engage in a long conversation, or open a spreadsheet. With Groopit, they can simply tap to share important data fast. Real-time data collection

Slash the time required

Group members are tired of input going into a black hole. With Groopit, they see what’s happening as it happens, feel good as they watch progress unfold, and stay involved.

Visible progress

Give them a pay-off

Start a free Groopit now

Use the free version forever and paid features when you need them. No risk and no credit card necessary.

"Before Groopit, it would take days to track down information and getting everyone organized was time consuming.  Now, we cover more ground, faster."

Jim Burgess

Board Chairman

Make it easy for your group to work together.

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