Deep Dive on Groopit AI Summary Insights


This is Duane Bray, Chief Product Officer here at Groopit. I wanted to do a deep dive into some of the features in Groopit AI that I find particularly useful — think of this as a tour of the feature, with some tips on how to get the most out of it. 

As a reminder, Groopit helps leaders harness intel from employees — high quality, high provenance, real-time data. We then apply state-of-art AI to synthesize and extract the patterns so you can see any problem with the clarity and precision that leads to solutions.  

First, what does Groopit AI’s Summary Insight feature do? 

Groopit AI discovers and describes patterns in employee-generated intel, then delivers a summary insight that provides a 100-word summary, a highlight from one of the user insights, and up to five themes or patterns. 

Groopit AI Summary Insights Screenshot

The Summary Insight feature lives in the data tab in the Groopit web app, where you find your data feed. You can generate a summary insight from any filtered view of the feed. For example, you might want to get a summary insight of product feedback from the current month, or marketing intelligence from last quarter. Or you may want to filter to a specific competitor and get a summary of all insights shared about that competitor. We’re going to look at each of these in this post. 

The 100-word summary 

Regardless of what you seek to learn more about, Groopit AI always starts out by giving you a summary of the data you selected, in roughly 100 words. Here’s a quick example from Groopit AI focusing on competitive intelligence, with information about a new product launch from a competitor: 

100-word summary screenshot

Why is this summary especially helpful? For starters, you may not want to read through a series of insights in the feed (in the example above, 42 insights to be exact) and make sense of them on your own. Groopit AI will summarize the key points across all of the insights, extract any useful quantitative data, and highlight key contributors. 

Imagine being able to quickly share this information with your team or communicate it back in an email or presentation. Or recognize the key contributors, encouraging them (and others) to continue sharing insights. 

The highlight 

We wanted the summary insight feature to help synthesize lots of information, to help inform leaders and support better decision-making. But we also wanted to add something that was a little more subjective, anecdotal and specific. This is what the Insight Highlight does — it shares a specific contribution from someone that helps to bring the insights to life. It consists of a direct quote from one of the insights, the name of the person who contributed it, and why this specific insight is illustrative of the overall trends and patterns in the summary insight. Let’s have a look at an example: 

Groopit AI Highlight Screenshot

What do we see here? First, a direct quote that is meaningful and relevant to the overall content of the insights analyzed. Second, the name of the specific person who contributed this insight, so we acknowledge participation. And third, an explanation as to why this highlight is relevant or meaningful to the overall findings in the summary insight. 

One of the main reasons we made this feature part of the Summary Insight is that we want to acknowledge contribution — people sharing insights is the key to getting effective data into the system and making key decisions. 

The Patterns 

The last section of the Summary Insight contains the Patterns. As the name suggests, Groopit AI provides up to five themes or patterns that are consistent across all or most of the insights. These patterns illustrate commonalities as another way to make sense of the underlying data and use it to inform decisions. Let’s have a look at an example: 

Groopit AI Themes screenshot

What do we see here? First, we’re seeing common patterns that highlight important considerations from the underlying insights, such as pricing, business impact, and competitive tactics. Second, we’re seeing specific quantitative data being cited to explain why each pattern is important. Third, we see the overall impact of these trends, positive or negative, based on what is being shared. 

How the Summary Insight is built 

With Groopit AI, you are seeing the power of AI analysis of structured data. Groopit’s data models are designed to create a standardize data structure that allows for much more complex queries and advanced analysis than with unstructured data like emails or conversations. The underlying structured data is why the Summary Insight is so useful and so powerful. 

Let us know how you make use of these features and how the Summary Insight helps your organization.