Groopit Data Model Examples

Groopit transforms human intelligence into high-quality, quantitative data, so everyone involved sees with the precision that leads to solutions. The platform includes 50+ Data Models for Employee Generated Intelligence. Start with a template, customize it, or create a data model from scratch. What problem do you want to solve?

Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

Data model title: Customer Frustration
Data model quantifies: Quantify DSAT drivers and severity of customer frustration.
Data model outcome: Understand, prioritize and systematically remove DSAT drivers.
Data source: All customer-facing employees

Increase win rate against competitors

Example Data Model: Competitive Pricing Intelligence
Data model quantifies: Quantify competitor pricing, terms, and business impact 
Data model outcome: Understand competitive pricing with precision to then equip sellers with most effective offers, negotiation tactics and support.
Data source: All employees on account teams

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Perfect retail execution

Data model title: In-store operations issues
Data model quantifies: Quantify display, execution, and all in-store operations problems. 
Data model outcome: Understand operational issues precisely, prioritize, and reduce to increase sell-through, increase field efficiency, and decrease costs.
Data source: All field employees

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Remove operational bottlenecks

Data model title: Operational bottleneck
Data model quantifies: Quantify types, frequency, and impact of operational issues.
Data model outcome: Diagnosis bottlenecks precisely, prioritize, refine processes, policy and training to drive operational excellence the business.
Data source: Any employee that use the operational processes

Increase win rate with better products

Data model title: Product capability gaps
Data model quantifies: Quantify the product capability gaps that stall sales
Data model outcome: Influence product priorities and investments with quantitative proof of the product capabilities needed to win more business. 
Data source: All sales and customer success employees

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Product requests


Security incidents

Installation complete

Huddle update

Sales pipeline math

Sales meeting occurred

Venue discovery map

Uncontracted sales oppt



Sales resource request

Sales process inefficiency

Selling time lost

Positive customer quotes

Reaction to new offer

Field marketing activity

Potential new partner

Pricing issue

Delivery issue

Product mix issue

Production delay

Skills gap

Recruiting delay

Moment of unbelonging

Diverse hiring outcome

Hospital care delay

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