Extractive AI

Groopit Extractive AI extracts valuable intel from email, documents, web pages, and more

Extract precisely the right intelligence

Groopit’s extractive AI is guided by your data models to extract the precise intelligence you need in the exact data types you set up. Our guided AI never inserts guesses to complete data models: if it’s not 100% certain, it leaves the answer blank for the user to complete. 

From email, documents, images, web pages, and more

Extract the exact intel needed from email, PDFs, documents, images, web pages, and web applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Gmail. 

Groopit product feedback solution user interface
Analyzing data
Keywords prompt employees to share

System-wide keywords prompt employees to quickly extract and share insights with just a few quick taps. Outlook users can also extract intelligence using the Groopit icon in the Outlook ribbon at any time.

Analyzing data
Intelligence is extracted in seconds

Simply highlight text and click. Groopit AI works behind the scenes, analyzing the text and completing the appropriate data model, Users review what was extracted and approve to share.

Groopit dashboard views of aggregate data including leaderboard, counter, map
Groopit transforms the intelligence into actionable insight

Groopit analyzes the collective intelligence and generates Summary Insights, making it easy to understand context, identify patterns, and view situations with clarity.

Intelligence is delivered to key stakeholders and systems

Intelligence is proactively delivered to key stakeholders through systems like Slack and Teams, added to enterprise systems like CRMs, and is combined into a lightweight feed to provide the real-time visibility and situational clarity to inform actions.

Groopit dashboard views of aggregate data including leaderboard, counter, map
Groopit product feedback solution data views
Configure data models to operate with maximum agility

Need to extract different intelligence? Simply add a new data model or adjust an existing one. Data models instantly propagate across enterprise systems, allowing you to zero in on areas of interest and collect new or different intelligence in the moment.

Groopit product feedback solution data views
Lead with clarity and trust

Groopit allows you to tackle your most strategic initiatives across sales, operations, product, customer satisfaction, and employee experience. And, Groopit does it in a way that everyone can trust; trust that everyone has the opportunity to provide input, that you have the full picture, and that your data is safe and secure.

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    Groopit product feedback solution data views

    Transform how your company uses real-time intelligence today