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Real-time intelligence from your most trusted source: employees. Groopit crowdsolving is an entirely new category of enterprise SaaS.

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Operationalize your 
and reimagine it in its most powerful form: real-time data.

Powered by a Data Model for Employee-Generated Intel

Groopit transforms human intelligence into high-quality, quantitative data, so everyone involved sees with the precision that leads to decisive action.

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Any intelligence.
In an instant.

Move beyond the slow, laborious task of piecing together information fragments that leave people operating in the dark. With Groopit, you can get any intel, in an instant.

Gain competitive advantage with intel from employees.
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Improve Net Promoter Scores by quantifying DSAT drivers.
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Elevate operational excellence by understanding issues with precision.
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Drive product decisions with quantitative data about product gaps and requests.
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Increase sell-through with display, operations, and sales intel from the field.
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Increase seller capacity with data to tackle bottlenecks, feedback and requests.
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Transform human intelligence into actionable insight at scale with the power of AI

In the rapidly evolving world of business intelligence, Groopit breaks the mold with its innovative application of generative AI. While many systems passively analyze historical datasets, Groopit AI thrives on the pulse of real-time data, sourced directly from a company’s most knowledgeable assets: its employees.

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Groopit integrates into existing enterprise systems

Connect Groopit so employees can share and use intel from wherever they work. Just add Groopit.

Results that impact the bottom line

Find out how customers are achieving outstanding outcomes that were out of reach before Groopit.

Guidant Financial

  • 38,537 real-time insights from Guidant employees, transforming customer satisfaction, sales, and product feedback.

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Utz Quality Foods

  • 4,630 Walmart stores serviced by Utz Foods with real-time shelf intelligence from the field.

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  • 3 data models for employee generated insights that allow Mosaic to reach operational excellence.

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The Home Depot

  • 1 Strategic initiative to accelerate revenue growth, informed by frontline employees.

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Learn more about crowdsolving

It’s an entirely new category of enterprise software that transforms problem-solving with intel from the frontline.


Crowdsolving whitepaper.

Groopit crowdsolving is an entirely new category of enterprise SaaS

This must-read white paper is for every business leader who works across disciplines or tackles complex problems.


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7 strategies to gather and use intel from employees

Discover how to get precisely the right intel, every time and transform employee intel into advantage.


100 2023 net promoter score.

Groopit and the story behind our Net Promoter Score of 100

In a world flooded with software, it’s the single number that captures the essence of a company’s dedication to its users.

Enterprise leaders trust Groopit to transform their human intelligence into real-time data, so they’re ready to solve any problem. Join them.