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Groopit makes it easy to capture data in real-time – with three taps or in less than a minute. Empower everyone involved with real-time data from the frontline. #crowdsolving.

Groopit streamlines 12 ad-hoc data collection processes into 1 lightweight workflow with #Crowdsolving

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Real-time Data Collection. Get precisely the right data with 9 field types designed specifically for real-time data collection.

Real-time Data Sharing. Empower everyone involved with a lightweight feed of data reported, aggregate data views, & search capabilities.


Real-time Data Access. Control, download, and integrate data into existing enterprise systems like Tableau and Salesforce.

What is crowdsolving?

If you’ve used the traffic app Waze, then you know crowdsolving. Drivers report traffic accidents with a few quick taps. The data is immediately shared so all drivers can use the data to outsmart traffic. This is crowdsolving – people collecting, sharing and using data in real-time to solve a problem.  

Groopit provides crowdsolving capabilities to business leaders. Here’s the key question: What are your parallels of a traffic accident?  Explore examples or define one from scratch. 

Fast Company recognizes Groopit in the World Changing Ideas Awards

Groopit recognized in the North America, Experimental and General Excellence categories of Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards.  Read the news >>

Crowdsolving Spotlight

Groopit for Sales Leaders makes it easy to get real-time data that is not in your CRM.

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Remove sales inefficiencies by capturing details about bottlenecks and pain points as they occur. 

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Increase sales by reporting data-oriented observations and photos during every site visit. 

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Game-Changing Results

Whether you want to enlist ten people or ten thousand, Groopit is designed to help you accelerate results with real-time data from the frontlines..


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Crowdsolving or non-profits

"Groopit has radically changed how we gather information and use it."

Ryan H., Program Manager

"We had never found a way to track what's happening and work together at scale."

Holly J., Executive Director

"Groopit gives us momentum because everyone sees progress."

Jim B., Board Chairman

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