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Collect real-time data from distributed people to accelerate results. Groopit is the online solution that makes #crowdsolving easy. 

3 forms and unlimited contributors for free


Tap into the power of real-time direction, data, and visibility. #Crowdsolving

Real-time direction. Leaders provide direction so everyone knows exactly what data to contribute in-the moment. 

Real-time data. People report important data with a few quick taps using real-time forms that make reporting easy. 

Real-time visibility. People see reports made so everyone knows what’s happening and can step up to solve problems. 

Real-time Workplace. People use a dedicated iOS app, Android app, or internet browser to focus on progress.

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Fast Company recognizes the Groopit crowdsolving solution in the 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards

Groopit recognized in the North America, Experimental and General Excellence categories of Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards.

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What is crowdsolving?

Crowdsolving is the idea that loosely connected people can come together to solve difficult problems and bring big ideas to life. It’s a new category of software and Groopit is the SaaS solution that brings crowdsolving capabilities to businesses, governments, and organizations of all types. To learn more, download the crowdsolving whitepaper.

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Crowdsolving Spotlight

Sales leaders use Groopit to get real-time data from sales professionals on the frontlines. 

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Drawdown Georgia uses Groopit to accelerate statewide reduction of CO2 emissions by 43%. 

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Doctors use Groopit to help patients capture specific details about their symptoms and health experiences. 


Endless possibilities

Whether you want to enlist ten people or ten million, Groopit is designed to help you solve complex problems and bring big ideas to life.  


Crowdsolving for businesses


Crowdsolving for governments


Crowdsolving or non-profits

"Groopit has radically changed how we gather information and use it."

Ryan H., Program Manager

"We had never found a way to track what's happening and work together at scale."

Holly J., Executive Director

"Groopit gives us momentum because everyone sees progress."

Jim B., Board Chairman

Start crowdsolving today

Groopit templates help you start instantly. Use the free version forever and paid features when you need them. Start on your own or schedule a demo to talk through how your extended team can use Groopit.