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Accelerate results with an extended team and real-time data. Groopit is the SaaS solution that makes #crowdsolving simple. 

Crowdsolving with Groopit

Groopit crowdsolving makes it easy to bring loosely connected people together to achieve anything. Leaders form their extended team on Groopit and get everyone reporting important information in real-time, laying the foundation for extended team collaboration. Now leaders have an effective way to bring their biggest ideas to life and solve complex problems with an extended team.  Watch a product demo in this 90-second video >

Collect real-time data. Define data needed and set up forms to make real-time reporting easy for the extended team.

Provide real-time visibility.
Members see every report as it’s made, collective progress, and problems to solve.

Adapt instantaneously. As problem-solving evolves, redirect members so they’re contributing what’s important.

Fast Company recognizes the Groopit crowdsolving solution in the 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards

Groopit recognized in the North America, Experimental and General Excellence categories of Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards.

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What is crowdsolving?

Crowdsolving is the idea that loosely connected people can come together to solve difficult problems and bring big ideas to life. It’s a new category of software and Groopit is the SaaS solution that brings crowdsolving capabilities to businesses, governments, and organizations of all types. To learn more, download the crowdsolving whitepaper.

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Crowdsolving Spotlight

Business leaders are forming extended teams of employees to accelerate problem solving. 

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Businesses are enlisting frontline managers to transform the employee experience. 

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Cities are building extended teams with local businesses owners to problem solve through COVID-19.

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Omaha using Groopit to identify who can help, who needs help, and help provided across communities.

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Harvard medical students using Groopit to understand COVID testing from the perspective of people getting tested.  

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Doctors are using Groopit for patients to track their own symptoms, identify patterns between patients and work together to get better patient outcomes.

Endless possibilities

Whether you have five people or 5,000, Groopit turns loosely connected people into a well functioning team. Extended teams of all shapes and sizes rely on Groopit to collect real-time data.

For businesses
For governments
For non-profits

"Groopit has radically changed how we gather information and use it."

Ryan H., Program Manager

"We had never found a way to track what's happening and work together at scale."

Holly J., Executive Director

"Groopit gives us momentum because everyone sees progress."

Jim B., Board Chairman

Start crowdsolving today

Groopit templates help you start instantly. Use the free version forever and paid features when you need them. Start on your own or schedule a demo to talk through how your extended team can use Groopit.