Make better, faster decisions with real-time data from people

Groopit is an entirely new category of enterprise SaaS called #crowdsolving. Now, a crowd of employees can solve specific problems with simplified data sharing in Slack, Teams, Salesforce, mobile, and more.


Groopit makes it easy to share precisely the right data with 3 taps and <1 minute

Sharing has never been this simple. Choose from 30+ real-time data sharing templates or start one from scratch.

Everyone is empowered to make better, faster, decisions

Groopit displays data shared and aggregate results immediately. View, search, comment – everyone involved is empowered with real-time data from the frontlines to inform their own decisions.

Integrate Groopit into existing enterprise systems 

Share data from Slack, Teams, Salesforce and more. Integrate data into Tableau, Power BI, Airtable and more. Groopit is the data sharing engine powering the enterprise.

Stop losing valuable insights in Slack & Teams

Microsoft Teams and Slack are where people work. It’s also where critical intelligence about sales, products, competitors, and voice of the customer gets lost in conversation. With Groopit, customer-facing employees share insights without ever leaving the conversation. Groopit brings together insights across Teams channels and delivers high quality, quantitative data, empowering everyone involved to make better, faster decisions.

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Make better, faster decisions

About Sales
Increase revenue with real-time information about what’s working in the field – wins, successes, sales strategies. Learn more >> 

About Products
Build better products with real-time product feedback, requests, and input from customer-facing employees. Learn more >>

About Competitors
Win more business with real-time competitive intel shared by employees across disciplines. Learn more >>

Recognized as a World Changing Idea

Fast Company recognizes Groopit in the World Changing Ideas Awards in three categories: North America, Experimental, and General Excellence.

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Groopit is ready to help you solve any problem with data from the frontline. #crowdsolving

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