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Mosaic’s Path to Operational Excellence: Transforming insights into data-driven decisions

Join us for an inside look at how Mosaic, a pioneering fintech platform dedicated to financing sustainable home improvements, transforms employee insights into actionable data to inform business decisions. Mosaic recognizes the value in the perspectives of their front-line employees — those who talk to customers every day and are at the forefront of the sales process. The difficulty lies in capturing insights scattered across conversations, emails, spreadsheets, and Slack messages, then consolidating and delivering them to decision-makers in a usable structure. Our 30-minute webinar will dive deep into Mosaic’s solution to this challenge.

Delve into the methods employed by Mosaic to extract real-time insights from their employees and how Groopit’s data model has become instrumental in this transformative process. You’ll learn: 

  • How Mosaic taps into employees’ insights in real-time to make better decisions faster, based on current information.
  • How Groopit’s data model makes it easy for Mosaic’s employees to contribute insights and for leadership to analyze and leverage it.
  • How Mosaic has driven high participation from employees, including those who had never proactively contributed insights before.
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Monica Huntsberry

Monica Huntsberry is a relationship builder and sales strategist, board and advisory member with fintech experience serving the financial services and manufacturing industries. Writer, mentor, and advisor to female founders and organizations that empower women. Angel investor and champion for entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place.

Emma Brumley Guidant Financial
Andi Jennings

Andi Jennings, Director of Operational Excellence at Mosaic, is a seasoned LEAN coach, Continuous Improvement practitioner, operational excellence leader and instructor. She is an Agile Project Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt with 25+ years of experience and is proficient in leading collaborative process engineering and improvement. Andi is passionate about data driven decision making and people development through LEAN/Kaizen practice, philosophy and mindset.

Emma Brumley Guidant Financial
Nicole Albanese

Nicole Albanese, Senior Manager of Operational Excellence at Mosaic, has leveraged a user-centric approach to identify opportunities, design experiences that increase OSAT, develop programs, manage programs, improve, and create processes. Her success is a direct reflection of her ability to gain empathy, analyze data, create a strategic vision, and generate compelling stories to gain buy-in. She is an advocate of thought diversity which is why she loves to bring together people to gather feedback, generate ideas, and solve problems. She believes the need to continually be innovative and streamline across people, processes, and technology to provide value to employees and customers, is crucial to a company’s success.