The Groopit Slack App

Groopit makes it easy to collect and share data without ever leaving Slack 

You define what data is important – customer successes, product feature requests, local marketing activity, field call reports, competitive intelligence, or something else entirely. Choose from 20+ customizable Groopit Actions or create from scratch to define precisely the right data.

Groopit overview video

Just /groopit to share data  with a few quick taps

You’ll streamline data collection and sharing into one lightweight workflow with the Groopit Slack App. In this example, whenever the Slack conversation turns to a competitor, someone types /groopit and captures competitive intelligence with 3 taps and <1 minute. 

Consume data at a glance with the Groopit Slack App 

Stop the long narrative. Stop intel from disappearing into a black hole. The Groopit Slack App makes information easy to consume and empowers everyone with real-time data.

Supercharge your capabilities with Groopit Enterprise Edition

Advanced data access and control is available with Groopit Enterprise Edition

  • Download data on demand into a spreadsheet.
  • Integrate data into enterprise systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Asana, Slack, Teams, Tableau, and more.
  • Collect data across all channels and teams;
  • Store and search data in one location.  


Get Started

Meet with a Groopit Crowdsolving expert to see a demo, learn more or get started today! 

How to set-up the Groopit Slack App

Integration Requirements

  • You must have an existing Groopit set up to use the Slack integration. (Request a demo to get started!)
  • You must be an administrator for the Groopit you want to integrate. 
  • Your Groopit email must match your Slack user email. 

Connect Groopit to Slack

Once your Groopit has been set-up, it’s time to connect it to Slack.

  1. From your Groopit, tap Actions in the main navigation
  2. Tap + Add to Slack above the list of Actions
  3. Review the instructions and tap Add to Slack
  4. Review the requested permissions, then click Allow

Notes: If you are not the Slack workspace administrator, the Slack administrator will need to approve Groopit installation during this process. 

    Once installed, connect Groopit to a Slack channel. 

    1. Go to your Slack channel
    2. Type /groopitadmin link 
    3. Choose the Groopit you would like to connect to the channel from the drop down list.

    Notes: Only one Groopit can be linked per channel. Anyone with access to the channel will be able to join the Groopit and share information. 

      Share Data from Slack

      Type /groopit and start sharing data right from Slack.

      If you need additional information, visit https://groopit.co/help-center/

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