Outsmart competitors with real-time competitive intel from employees

You define the competitive intelligence employees share

Groopit includes 30 sharing templates to choose from including competitor pricing, products, positioning, strengths, weaknesses, sales and marketing activities. 


Employees share intel from where they work – Slack, Teams, Salesforce, and more 

Groopit makes it easy to capture competitive intel from anywhere, no behavior change requried. 


Example of Groopit Action to quickly and easily share competitor weaknesses

Sharing takes 3 taps and less than one minute

Groopit is so simple, your field team can share information in 3 quick taps or less than a minute, yielding high-quality and quantitative data instantly.


Example of Groopit Action to quickly and easily share competitor weaknesses

Everyone involved sees what competitors are doing 

Groopit shares a lightweight feed so competitive intel is consumable at-a-glance. View, search, comment –  everyone can use the data to inform their own decisions.



Spot patterns immediately to  create competitive advantage

As data is shared, it’s easy to see what are patterns and anomalies, what is winning against competitors and what is not. Everyone involved is empowered with real-time data  to create competitive advantage. 

Views of different aggregate data including leaderboard counter and map

Share from existing workflows in Slack, Teams, Salesforce & more

Use the Groopit apps for Slack, Teams, and Salesforce to integrate data sharing into existing workflows.



Data shared in existing workflows such as Slack Teams and Salesforce

Win more business with real-time competitive intelligence from frontline employees. Schedule a demo today »

“We increased revenue 42.7% while cutting sales meeting time in half by sharing with Groopit.”

Stephanie Stuckey, CEO of Stuckey’s Corporation |  DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY ->

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