The crowdsolving solution 

Part real-time data collection, part crowd management, and entirely flexible so that you can achieve anything.


Bring key people together

Create a Strategic Crowd of people who can contribute to your specific goal. Whether that’s five people or five thousand, Groopit has you covered.

Collect the data you need

Define the precise data you need and get a real-time view as it comes in.

Capture their limited attention

Make it easy for them to see progress, know how to contribute and keep them engaged. 

Eliminate bottlenecks

Turn your decentralized crowd into a well-functioning team that can start self-organizing their actions and work together to achieve results.

Think big

Define, access and control longitudinal data at the enterprise level while giving groups the ability to work as independent teams.

Why Groopit?

The only way to lead indirect teams to achieve specific results

Easy to use

Groopit is designed for everyday leaders. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to set it up, invite your indirect team, and start collecting the real-time data you need.

Drives real results

Everything you need to crowdsolve complex problems and accelerate your strategic initiatives with the key contributors you need.

Enterprise privacy & security

We take privacy and data security very seriously. Our enterprise cloud platform is GDPR and HIPPA compliant so you can use Groopit to collect even the most sensitive information.