Employees see the retail shelf every day and know its impact on sales, but insights get lost in chaos

The retail shelf is a battlefield. Every inch of space, every product position, and every promotional display plays a pivotal role in driving sales. Frontline employees know when products are not optimally placed, stocked, or promoted, but without a scalable approach to turn shelf observations into strategic data, brands cannot act decisively and it costs sales. That’s where the Groopit Retail Execution Intelligence Solution comes in. 

Competitive intel gets lost in ad hoc data chaos
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The Groopit Retail Execution Intelligence Solution radically simplifies how companies get intel from the field and use it to increase sell-through. 

Drive decisions with a retail execution intelligence data model

With Groopit, you’ll get high-quality retail execution intelligence by establishing an underlying data model for employee generated insights. It’s the foundation to extract quantitative data from every site visit and influence decisions that increase sales.

retail execution data model

Operate with agility and speed

Need intel about a new promotion or to deep dive on a new topic? No problem. Groopit makes it easy to adjust the data model on-the-fly. Start from scratch or with a template, and move fast. You control the intel people share during every site visit.

Groopit Competitive Intelligence Solution Integrations

Radically simplify sharing of retail execution intelligence

With Groopit, employees share intel with a few quick taps, while they are on site. Work from a mobile app, Teams, Slack, Salesforce, or plug Groopit into their existing systems and workflows. Groopit removes all the friction so employees share what they know.

Groopit Competitive Intelligence Solution Data Views

Deliver retail execution intelligence directly to decision-makers

The Groopit Retail Execution Intelligence Solution aggregates and delivers intel to the appropriate decision-makers. Display  intel is delivered to the promotional teams. Stocking intel delivered to operational teams. For the first time, a company’s collective intel can be leveraged across disciplines.

Groopit Competitive Intelligence Solution Data Views

Consume retail execution intelligence wherever you work

With Groopit, employees also consume intel where they work. Consume intel in business analytic systems, executive dashboards, Slack or Teams channels, email, and any system your company relies on.

Groopit Competitive Intelligence Solution Data Views

“Employees at corporate can finally see what’s happening in our stores and make adjustments immediately. We’ve never been able to do this before.”

Groopit Customer