We started with an obsession about extended teams

Groopit was founded on the idea that extended teams are essential to solving our most complex problems and bringing our biggest ideas to life.  This is true now, more than ever, as the most challenging problems we face today cross traditional team boundaries. 

We know extended teams

Extended teams are people who work outside of the traditional core team. They span departments, disciplines, locations, hierarchies, organizations, industries, and expertise areas. There are a multitude of dependent and independent decision makers. They tackle  multiple issues simultaneously, at all levels, over an extended period of time.  People step up at unpredictable moments and in unpredictable ways to drive progress.  


We understand how they are different

Extended teams function and dysfunction differently than core teams. The work is not linear — it is fluid, complex, and often slow. We studied extended teams tackling the most intense problems we could find from the prevention of crime and terrorism, recovery after disasters, to outbreaks of infectious disease to find the cracks in our systems. Our mission was to figure out what holds extended teams back and specifically, if the technology holds them back.

We feel your pain

Leaders and initiatives fail when their extended teams move slower than the problems they are solving move or the opportunity ahead. That is exactly what happens when traditional strategies and technologies are used. The work of an extended team breaks down when there’s a lack of real-time information from the members themselves, a lack of real-time shared visibility, or a lack of real-time direction.  We share the three of the main areas of breakdown in our latest whitepaper, “Crowdsolving: accelerate results with an extended team and real-time information”.


We found the answer in crowdsolving

Crowdsolving is based on the idea that loosely connected people can come together to solve difficult problems and bring the biggest ideas to life. Groopit took this idea, our expertise, a relentless desire to get to simple and designed a software architecture to enable crowdsolving at scale. Crowdsolving is a new category of software that makes it easy for loosely connected people to work together as an extended team and get results.

We have the best solution

Groopit is a SaaS solution that brings crowdsolving capabilities to businesses, governments, and organizations of all types. It allows organizers to create extended teams online, define the real-time data members should report, and set up forms that make real-time reporting easy. Extended team members have visibility into the moment-by-moment evolution of any endeavor, and the collaboration tools they need to solve problems in real-time. Groopit takes what has always been complex behind-the-scenes and simplifies it for everyone.


We will help you achieve

Groopit is on a mission to help extended teams do great things. So we ask you – what do you aspire to achieve? Who needs to be on the extended team? Do you want progress in record time? Groopit stands ready to help.


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