We’re on a mission
to help you achieve what’s important

We know the people you rely on

Groopit was founded on the idea that some of the most important contributors toward progress are people who don’t work directly for you. They are colleagues, research subjects, brand ambassadors, product enthusiasts, experts, scientists, partners, business owners, tenants, citizens, informants, caregivers, volunteers, members, or countless others. We call them the extended team.


We feel your pain

Extended teams are hard to manage. We give them direction, but messages get buried in their inbox and lost in their feeds. We need them to respond, but our requests, surveys and shared spreadsheets are largely neglected. We want to manage them efficiently, but instead we get sucked into a time intensive back-and-forth dialog to manually gather information and get everyone organized. As a result, making progress is harder and slower than it needs to be.


We understand why it’s hard

Our team started by studying intense problems because they help us see the cracks in our systems – the prevention of crime and terrorism, recovery after a disaster, and managing outbreaks of infectious disease.  We wanted to understand what breaks down when extended teams are key to helping business, government, non-profit, or their neighbors solve a problem. We were looking to find what keeps smart, capable, contributing people from making progress fast. We found the answers.

In traditional organizations we give employees direction and they provide information, take action, and adjust along the way until we reach our goals. Technology helps facilitate it all, along with the organization’s built-in leadership and peer collaboration.  But extended teams are fundamentally different. Those traditional hierarchies and peer relationships do not exist. The mix of focus, accountability, and reward takes a different formula to drive engagement. The technology that works within an organization doesn’t work for extended teams, so everyone loses. We’re on a mission to change that.


We have the best solution

That’s why we started Groopit – to help leaders all over the world accelerate results, solve complex problems, and work together. Our software is designed specifically for leaders with an extended team. Groopit gives you a fresh approach to bring people together online, direct and redirect them instantaneously, and collect data in real-time. The tools you need to get them organized and the strategies you need to keep them engaged are built-in. What has always been complicated behind-the-scenes is now simple and effective for everyone.


We will help you achieve

Groopit is on a mission to help you do great things. So we ask you – what are you trying to achieve? Who do you need to get contributing? Will you let Groopit help? It’s easy to get started.  You can start a Groopit on your own or ask for our help.  Just drop us a line and tell us what you’re trying to do. We’re here to help you launch.


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