We started with an obsession in how leaders drive progress 

Groopit was founded on the idea that our most complex problems can be solved with strong leadership and an extended team. But, progress often feels harder and slower than it needs to be. We became obsessed with understanding why. 

We know leaders

Leaders drive progress in complex work environments. Facts are often unclear. Perspectives vary dramatically. People proceed as independent decision-makers, taking unpredictable actions at unpredictable times. Accountability spans departments, disciplines, locations, hierarchies, organizations, industries, and expertise areas. Driving progress is not linear work — it is complex, fluid, and often slow.  

We feel your pain

Leaders rely on extended team members for their insights, observations, and accounts of what’s being done. But, it takes extraordinary effort to figure out what is actually occurring. Leaders gather the facts through one-one-ones, meetings, shared spreadsheets, surveys, emails, channels, town halls, and more. Some of the methods, like one-on-ones, yield valuable, high-fidelity insights but they’re just too time-consuming to scale. The methods that scale, like surveys, do so at the expense of quality. So, leaders are forced to use four, five, six of these methods at any one time, creating ad-hoc data collection chaos.  The data gathered is everywhere and nowhere, lost, forgotten, and underutilized.  

We found the answer in crowdsolving

Groopit replaces the chaos of ad-hoc data collection with crowdsolving software. If you’ve used the traffic app Waze, then you know crowdsolving. People come together to outsmart traffic. Everyone has clear direction: report traffic accidentsspeed traps, and road closures. Data is reported in real-time with the tap of a few buttons. Drivers immediately see what’s reported and adjust their routes. Groopit provides similar capabilities to leaders so that they can engage the extended team and tackle their highest priorities. Crowdsolving combines real-time direction, real-time data collection, and real-time visibility to bring game-changing clarity and accountability in any situation.

We deliver results

Groopit crowdsolving is used by leaders to lead.  For example, sales leaders bring their distributed sales team together in Groopit. The sales leader provides clear direction: report wins, sales activity, customer input, and remote work inefficiencies. With crowdsolving, there are no outdated spreadsheets, no long conversations, no long emails to write, and no remembering after the fact. Leaders customize Groopit to focus everyone on what’s most important now. Data is reported with three taps or in less than a minute. Everyone involved sees the data as it’s reported, learning, coaching and empowered with real-time visibility to inform their own decisions.


Groopit NPS ScoreWe have the best solution

Crowdsolving is based on the idea that every problem can be solved. Groopit took this idea, our expertise, a relentless desire to get to simple, and designed a lightweight software solution. It provides the ultimate way for leaders to get, share, and use intelligence from the frontline while empowering everyone involved to drive results. We call it #crowdsolving and it’s ready for you to get started.

We will help you achieve

Groopit is on a mission to help leaders engage their extended team to tackle their highest priorities. So we ask – what do you want to achieve, fix or change?  Groopit stands ready to help. Schedule 30-minutes with a crowdsolving expert, tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and find out how Groopit can help.



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