Today Groopit releases a new whitepaper, Crowdsolving: unleash the power of people to solve any problem. Our research identifies the three main areas where extended teams consistently break down – and how leaders overcome these pitfalls to accelerate problem-solving. The secret? Leverage crowdsolving and its three core capabilities: real-time direction, data sharing, and visibility.

A lot has transpired during the past two years. The pandemic has upended the norms of when, how, and where teams work and introduced new problems to be solved. The good news? The fundamentals of crowdsolving and Groopit solutions have proven powerful. Together, we put crowdsolving into practice to help business leaders solve real problems. 

In this whitepaper, you’ll read about five examples of how companies use crowdsolving to:

  1. Rebuild the workforce with real-time data from hiring managers and recruiting 
  2. Remove revenue blockers will real-time data about issues that slow down sales
  3. Prioritize product investments with real-time feedback from customer-facing employees 
  4. Accelerate national rollout with real-time insights from test markets
  5. Increase market share with real-time competitive intelligence from front line employees

Groopit equips leaders and their extended teams with crowdsolving technology so everyone involved can make better, faster decisions. What do you want to achieve? What problem do you want to solve? Who needs to be involved? Groopit stands ready to help. 

Want to learn more? Download the whitepaper and let’s talk. We’d love to hear your questions, thoughts, or the problems you imagine crowdsolving might help your company solve.