The Groopit App for Salesforce

Groopit makes it easy to share data without ever leaving Salesforce 

Salesforce administrators define what data should be shared – competitive intel, product feedback, wins. Choose from 30+ customizable sharing templates or create one from scratch so people are sharing precisely the right data.

Groopit overview video

Just tap groopit to share data from any object in Salesforce 

You’ll streamline data sharing in one lightweight workflow with the Groopit Salesforce App. Sharing takes 3 taps and <1 minute. It has never been easier.

Share Data in Salesforce

Data is added to Salesforce and shared with Groopit    

Data shared will appear under the appropriate object in Salesforce and be aggregated in Groopit so, for example, everyone involved can see data like competitive intelligence or product feedback. 

Making a report in salesforce

Get Started

Meet with a Groopit Crowdsolving expert to see a demo, learn more or get started today! 

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