The Groopit App for Salesforce

Insights from frontline employees delivered directly to you

Groopit delivers critical business insights needed to inform decisions, directly from Salesforce to the appropriate decision-makers. For the first time, you can harness the collective wisdom of employees who are closest to customers.

Get critical business insights in real-time

As employees add insights to Salesforce, Groopit aggregates and delivers those insights to the appropriate decision makers – like competitive pricing intelligence in Salesforce delivered to the pricing and licensing department through Microsoft Teams.

Operate with speed and agility

With Groopit, you determine the insights needed from the frontline. Need different insights? No problem. Customize one of the 30+ templates or create one on the fly to get precisely the right insights – without waiting for Salesforce support or configuration.

Radically simplify sharing

With Groopit, everyone involved will save time. Sharing is reduced to a few quick taps, quantitative results are delivered instantly, and friction is removed so that insights from frontline employees are increasingly heard. 

Share Data in Salesforce

Consume where you work

Insights are delivered in real-time to wherever you work: Teams, Slack, email, web, mobile, and more. 

Include insights from conversation

Do frontline employees talk on Slack, Teams or email? We’ve got you covered. With Groopit, employees share on Teams or Slack, insights are automatically added to Salesforce, and delivered to decision-makers.

Stop waiting for Salesforce 

Today, critical business insights are lost in channels, spreadsheets, surveys, emails, and ad-hoc data chaos. Once Groopit is installed from the Salesforce AppExchange, business leaders can request insights from frontline employees without waiting for Salesforce support or configuration.

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Empower everyone involved with actionable insights to make better, faster decisions

The Groopit App for Salesforce delivers a big picture view everyone can use to inform their own decisions. View, search, comment, and send from Groopit. Or, use the data to create a custom dashboard in Salesforce.

Groopit is enterprise-ready with advanced privacy, security, and single sign-on 

Groopit takes your data privacy and security seriously, verified by Salesforce. The Groopit App for Salesforce is available in the Salesforce AppExchange and requires Single Sign-On for enterprise identity management.

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