The Groopit App for Salesforce

Capture insights employees share in Slack and Teams inside Salesforce

The Groopit App for Salesforce transforms how companies gather actionable insights from employees working in Slack and Microsoft Teams. With only a few quick taps from any conversation, employees can share information, associate each insight with an account or opportunity, and simultaneously add this knowledge to Salesforce.  

Dramatically increase insights in Salesforce

Employees are already discussing wins, successes, competitors, product objections, and sales inefficiencies. But the insights get lost in Slack, evaporate in Zoom and Teams, and hide in countless spreadsheets and survey responses. With Groopit, insights are never lost; they’re automatically added to Salesforce, without support from a Salesforce Administrator.

You control the insights added to Salesforce

Groopit Data Sharing Workflows define the insights added from Slack and Teams to Salesforce. Choose from 30 templates or create them from scratch. Watch a 5-minute demo to see how Groopit works:

Insights can be associated with accounts, opportunities or any Salesforce object

Groopit makes it easy for authenticated Salesforce users to associate insights with their accounts and opportunities, right from Slack and Microsoft Teams. Just tap to add an insight to Salesforce.

The same insights can also be shared in Salesforce   

Groopit Data Sharing Workflows can be added to Salesforce. Streamline sharing to a few quick taps and less than a minute. 

Share Data in Salesforce

Groopit delivers a lightweight feed of aggregated insights back to Slack and Teams

Groopit aggregates insights shared and immediately delivers a lightweight feed to Slack and Teams. Instead of insights disappearing into a black hole, they’re immediately delivered to the cross-discipline teams who need them. Now, employees working in different departments and systems see data to inform their own decisions.

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Empower everyone involved with actionable insights to make better, faster decisions

The Groopit App for Salesforce delivers a big picture view everyone can use to inform their own decisions. View, search, comment, and send from Groopit. Or, use the data to create a custom dashboard in Salesforce.

Groopit is enterprise-ready with advanced privacy, security, and single sign-on 

Groopit takes your data privacy and security seriously, verified by Salesforce. The Groopit App for Salesforce is available in the Salesforce AppExchange and requires Single Sign-On for enterprise identity management.

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