Employees encounter operational inefficiencies every day, but their insights get lost in chaos

Operations are the lifeblood of an organization – responsible for driving productivity, improving quality, and delivering profitability. Every day, employees wrestle with an intricate web of processes – and the bottlenecks, breakdowns, and inefficiencies – built by well-meaning colleagues who have never done their job. Without a scalable mechanism to turn operational insights into strategic data, inefficiencies persist, and improvement opportunities fade. That’s where the Groopit Operational Intelligence Solution comes in.

Competitive intel gets lost in ad hoc data chaos
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The Groopit Operational Intelligence Solution radically simplifies how companies get and use intel from employees to elevate operational excellence. 

Deliver with an operational intelligence data model

With Groopit, you’ll get high-quality operational intel by establishing an underlying data model for employee generated insights. It’s the foundation that turns insights into quantitative data, empowering organizations to pinpoint issues, set clear priorities and elevate operational excellence. 

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Operate with agility and speed

Need intel through a new roll-out or to deep dive into an operational issue? No problem. Groopit makes it easy to adjust the data model on-the-fly. Start from scratch or with a template, and move fast. You control the intel people share across enterprise systems.

Groopit Competitive Intelligence Solution Integrations

Radically simplify sharing of operational intelligence

With Groopit, employees share intel with a few quick taps or less than 1 minute, from where they already work: Teams, Slack, Salesforce, mobile, and more. Groopit removes the friction so employees share what they know.

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Deliver operational intel directly to decision-makers

The Groopit Operational Intelligence Solution aggregates and delivers intel to the appropriate decision-makers.
Fulfillment intel is delivered to supply chain and fulfillment teams. Frustrated customer intel is delivered to training, policy, and product teams. For the first time, a company’s collective intel can be leveraged across disciplines.

Groopit Competitive Intelligence Solution Data Views

Consume operational insights wherever you work

With Groopit, employees also consume intel where they work. Consume intel through executive dashboards, Slack or Teams channels, email, and business analytics systems your company relies on.

Groopit Competitive Intelligence Solution Data Views

“We can now identify and get ahead of operational issues before they escalate.”

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