The Groopit App for Microsoft Teams

Make better, faster decisions with real-time data from employees

The Groopit App for Microsoft Teams transforms how companies solve problems. Outsmart competitors, deliver outstanding products, accelerate revenue growth, and more. With Groopit, customer-facing employees share insights without ever leaving the conversation. Groopit brings together insights across Teams channels and delivers high quality, quantitative data, empowering everyone involved to make better, faster decisions. Stop losing valuable information in Teams channels. Groopit.

Transform decisions with high-quality, quantitative data

You define the data employees share. The Groopit App for Teams includes 30+ Data Sharing Workflows to streamline sharing of competitive intel, product feedback, sales discovery, wins, inefficiencies, and more. 

Simplify sharing to a few quick taps with @groopit 

In this example, whenever conversation turns to product feedback, employees type @groopit to share the product feedback in Microsoft Teams. Associate the data with an account or opportunity to simultaneously add it to a CRM.

Automatically aggregate insights shared across Microsoft Teams channels

In this example, feedback is automatically aggregated by product area and shared with the sales, marketing, and product management teams supporting that product area. 

Start crowdsolving with Groopit today

Empower everyone involved with actionable insights to make better, faster decisions

Groopit brings together insights shared across multiple channels, making the patterns and anomalies quickly visible. View, search, send and empower everyone to inform their own decisions with real-time data from employees.

Supercharge capabilities by integrating data into existing enterprise systems 

The Groopit API makes it easy to integrate data into Excel, Power BI, Viva, and countless enterprise systems. Groopit offers single sign-on, advanced privacy, security, and HIPAA-enabled data protection. 

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How to set-up the Groopit App for Microsoft Teams

See the Groopit App for Microsoft Teams in the Teams Store

Integration Requirements

  • You must be an existing Groopit customer to use the Groopit App for Microsoft Teams. (Request a demo to learn more.)
  • You must be an administrator for the Groopit you want to integrate. 
  • Your Groopit email must match your Teams user email. If your does not match, email

Connect Groopit to Microsoft Teams

Once your Groopit has been set-up, it’s time to connect it to Teams.

  1. From your Groopit, tap Actions in the main navigation
  2. Tap + Add to Teams above the list of Actions
  3. Review the instructions and tap Add
  4. Review the requested permissions, then click Allow

During the installation process, you may be prompted for installation approval from the Teams administrator.  Follow the Teams prompts to do so.  

    Once installed, connect Groopit to a Team and channel. 

    1. Go to your Team
    2. Tap New Conversation
    3. Select more (…) from the compose box
    4. Search for Groopit
    5. Tap the Groopit Teams app
    6. Tap Add
    7. Tap New Conversation
    8. Tap the Groopit icon
    9. Choose admin
    10. Tap Add to add Groopit to the channel
    11. Follow the instructions to sign into Teams and authorize the Groopit app
    12. Once authorized, you will be prompted to sign into Groopit
    13. Sign in to Groopit
    14. Return to Teams conversation and type @groopit admin
    15. Choose the Groopit your would like to connect to the channel from the list

      Share Data from Groopit

      Type @groopit, select share and start sharing data right from Teams.

      If you need additional information, visit

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