Make better, faster product decisions with feedback from employees who talk to customers every day

Groopit is the ultimate way for employees to share product feedback

Empower everyone involved in product with real-time data from the front lines. 


Share with 3 taps and less than 1 minute

Define the data you want people to share, like product gaps, experiences, and ideas. Groopit includes 30+ customizable data sharing templates to choose from or create a sharing action from scratch.   



Everyone involved will make better, faster decisions about products

Groopit keeps everyone informed with a lightweight feed of data shared. It’s consumable at-a-glance. View, search, comment, use the data to inform decisions.



See patterns immediately

As data is shared, it’s easy to see patterns and anomalies, what is working and what is not. Need different information? Create a new Groopit sharing action before you finish that cup of coffee.


Integrate with existing workflows in Slack, Teams,  Salesforce, and more

Frontline employees work from their existing systems, sharing data from within Slack, Teams, Salesforce, or by using the Groopit mobile and web applications.


Build a winning product strategy with real-time data from customer-facing employees. Schedule a demo today »

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