If you’re like me, you’re leading in a complex work environment. Facts are often unclear. Perspectives vary dramatically. People make decisions independently. And it takes extraordinary effort to figure out what’s actually happening.

Here’s the issue. We’re constantly gathering data from the frontline to understand what’s happening: one-on-ones, meetings, shared spreadsheets, surveys, emails, texts, phone calls, channels, town halls, CRMs, and more. Some methods, like one-on-ones, yield high fidelity insights, but are too time-consuming to scale. The methods that scale, like surveys, do so at the expense of quality. So leaders are forced to use multiple tools and systems to get the data they need to make decisions.

The result? Ad hoc data collection chaos. Data is everywhere and nowhere all at once, lost, late, forgotten, and underutilized.

This problem isn’t solved with existing systems. Salesforce doesn’t fix it for sales. Zendesk doesn’t fix it for support. Asana doesn’t fix it for product development. SAP doesn’t fix it for HR.

Why? Because these systems are not designed to collect ad-hoc data. Instead, they track data that is known to be important – accounts & opportunities, incidents, features, employees. The data is tracked consistently, over a long period of time and used to perform repetitive business processes like forecasting, project, and performance management.

Ad-hoc data is exactly the opposite. It’s the data leaders need that is unexpected and unpredictable. And until now, there hasn’t been an effective workflow for ad-hoc data collection.

Enter Groopit, the ultimate way to get, share, and use data from your frontline. 

Groopit replaces the chaos of ad-hoc data collection and makes it easy to get, share, and use intelligence from the frontline, while empowering everyone involved with real-time data to problem solve. We call it #crowdsolving.

Here’s how it works…

Imagine you’re a sales leader responsible for driving revenue growth. You manage a team of sellers and are constantly juggling multiple strategic initiatives to close more business, faster.  Groopit makes it easy to:

  • Get precisely the right data from your frontline. If the data you need isn’t in a CRM, create a data collection Action in Groopit. It’s so flexible and fast that you can start getting any data – location, photos, text, tags, numbers, and more – before you finish that cup of coffee.
  • Focus everyone on your top priority. Want to understand how prospects are reacting to the new product pitch? Groopit. What’s blocking conversion? Groopit. Pictures of what’s happening in the field? Groopit. Examples of competitor pricing? Groopit. Data collection Actions won’t last forever; they come and go, and focus everyone on what’s important right now.
  • Three taps to turn anecdotes into quantitative data. Actions are designed to capture data in three taps or less than one minute. It’s easier than ordering an Uber.  And, since it’s so fast, frontline sellers capture data in real-time, yielding high-quality and quantitative data instantly.
  • Empower everyone with real-time visibility.  With Groopit, you can share real-time visibility to the data and engage everyone involved no matter where they are in the sales cycle or in the world. That trust and transparency is key to leadership, but it doesn’t stop there — all team members are empowered to take success into their own hands by receiving and contributing to sales direction, data, and visibility, while seeing how that contributes to the bigger picture.
  • Access and integrate data into existing enterprise systems. Groopit’s advanced data controls integrate data into existing systems like Salesforce or Tableau, making it easy to scale without having to start from scratch. The platform is available as an iOS app, Android app, or on any web browser.

The problems you face as a leader may be difficult and complicated to solve, but the tools you rely on to help solve them shouldn’t be. And that’s part of what makes Groopit such a game-changer: it’s a lightweight solution that fuels lasting success. Whether fifteen or five hundred people are involved, Groopit gives leaders the tools they need to get, share, and use data from the frontline, so they can tackle their most challenging problems and amplify their greatest successes.

Just like gathering, sharing, and using data is fast and easy with Groopit, so is getting started. Ready to see results?

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