Slack. It’s where teams work. But it’s also where critical intelligence about sales, products, competitors, and voice of the customer gets lost in conversation.  

Now, your team can /groopit to capture precisely the right insights, shared right from Slack, and make them actionable, all without interrupting the conversation. 

The Groopit app for Slack makes it easy to: 

  • Share insights as data points in Slack; fully integrated into employee daily routines. 
  • See insights aggregated across Slack channels; making insights immediately actionable.
  • Add insights to Salesforce, Tableau, and existing enterprise systems; building the sources of truth for your business.

Put simply, the combination of Slack and Groopit powers better, faster decision making.  

The result? Increased velocity, quality, productivity, competitiveness, and profitability. For example, Stuckey’s grew revenue 42.7% after they started using Groopit to share data and refine their strategy. 

How does it work? It’s as simple as typing /groopit in a Slack message and 3 taps or less than a minute for quality data from the frontline. Everyone in the Slack channel sees precise intel, and Groopit aggregates the data shared across Slack. View, search, download, and use the data you need to make decisions. Explore shared views to find patterns, uncover opportunities, and get results. 

Groopit includes 30+ customizable data sharing templates, so people share only what you define. Here are some examples of how leaders use Groopit with Slack for a competitive edge:


Talking about sales successes? Type /groopit to broadly share successes like wins, voice of the customer, and successful sales strategies. The data shared instantly appears in your team’s Slack channel and is aggregated throughout sales, so everyone across functions quickly sees what’s working and leverages those strengths to build momentum.
Talking about a competitor? Type /groopit to share competitive intelligence about pricing, positioning, weaknesses, sales activity, and more. Groopit aggregates the data across Slack channels and provides a shared view. Everyone needing competitive intel to win more business quickly sees patterns like, “Mayfield’s lack of licensing flexibility is seen as a weakness within 22 of our Fortune 100 prospects.”
Talking about product? Type /groopit to share product feedback like a product functionality gap with three quick taps. Tap to add the functional gap, the opportunity size, and level of importance to the prospect’s purchasing decision. Groopit instantly aggregates product data shared across multiple Slack channels, revealing actionable insights such as, “SSO integration was flagged as a product gap 135 times and 86% of those prospects considered it important or extremely important to their purchasing decision.”

Discover why Groopit is the ultimate way to supercharge Slack. Ready to turn Slack conversation into actionable insights so everyone involved can make better, faster decisions about sales, products, and competitors? We’ll show you how. 

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