Retail execution has never been tougher. Labor shortages. Supply chain disruptions. Inflation. Retailers are struggling to keep shelves stocked and set to the agreed upon planograms. Your field teams are operating at full capacity – auditing retailers, identifying problems, fixing issues, and talking to the in-store team. It’s hard work. It’s important work. Because everything happening in the field impacts your bottom line.

So now is the time to work smarter, not harder. Introducing Groopit for CPG.

Groopit makes the most out of every site visit, boosting your field teams’ productivity and empowering your corporate team with real-time field insights to inform decisions.

How? It’s simple.

With Groopit, it takes three quick taps and less than a minute for your field team to surface the problems they’re seeing – display photos, location, quality issues. The simplicity streamlines their workflow and saves them time.

Groopit aggregates the data so both field and corporate teams immediately know what is happening in store. A lightweight feed gives everyone a front row seat to the play-by-play action. Patterns and anomalies become obvious, so everyone can learn and adjust fast. Plus, Groopit’s open system makes it easy to integrate into your existing business analytics systems.

Groopit turns insights from the field into high-quality, quantitative, structured, data that everyone can use to inform decisions. Gain visibility. Own the shelf. Increase your category sales with Groopit for CPG.

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