Accelerate sales with real-time deal insights and an extended sales team working together. 


Sales teams record why deals are lost, won, and important account information in CRM. But the most valuable information is often the hardest to get: real-time deal insights. These are the human insights that allow leaders to catch deals before they go sideways, understand what's working and what's not, prioritize which obstacles should be removed, identify best practices, and apply their expertise, This data is often gathered manually through phone calls, one on one meetings, email, and shared spreadsheets. The process is time consuming, yielding inconsistent data and delaying action. Valuable information is omitted from sales engineers, customer success managers, implementation managers, and product leads who interact customers. As a result, sales reps are working with incomplete picture, team members miss opportunities to support each other and leaders miss opportunities to proactively apply their expertise. 

Groopit makes it easy to gather real-time deal insights, integrate data into existing enterprise systems, and leverage the extended team to accelerate sales results. Here's how it works:

Define the real-time deal insights needed

Report forms are set-up to capture progress, problems and activity with a few quick taps.  For example: 

As the business evolves, deep dive into specific topics and accelerate understanding by defining any data needed in a custom form.

Red flags

Competitive activity

Emerging challenges

Product feedback

Positive customer quotes

Weekly status reports

Topic deep dives

Make real-time deal insights visible

Provide transparency by making it easy for the extended team to see reports as they are made.  This step is essential because it provides everyone with real-time opportunities to learn, step up to solve problems in unexpected ways, and see progress as it unfolds. 

Feed view

Map view

Counter view

Goal view

Search results view

Comments, @mentions and flags

Integrate data into existing enterprise systems

Team members use Groopit's iOS app, Android app, and an internet browser on any computer.  Sales leaders can use Groopit to:

Integrate data into CRM with an API

Set-up one group or one per key account

Collect data across multiple groups

Publish information across multiple groups

Direct people and collect new data in real-time

Download spreadsheet data on demand 


Start today

Start a Groopit like this instantly; it includes ten ready-made forms your extended sales team can use to report red flags, competitive activity, emerging challenges, product feedback, positive customer quotes, status reports and more. Or, schedule a demo to see how it works.  You can use the free version of Groopit forever and paid features when you need them.