Groopit makes it easy to get, share and use real-time data from frontline employees. It works like Waze (yes, the traffic navigation app!), but for business. In Waze, drivers report and share traffic accidents with just a few taps. In Groopit, employees report and share real-time business data. With Groopit’s real-time data sharing, everyone involved will be in-the-know and empowered to make decisions informed by frontline employees.

The question is: What are your parallels to the traffic accident?  Take a look at these examples or define your own.

Voice of the Customer

These Actions streamline how customer-facing employees infuse their insights into marketing & product decisions.


Competitive Intelligence

These Actions define the specific competitive intelligence your frontline employees will look for. 


Field Activity

These Actions collect data in the field, including images & location, with just a few taps.


Pipeline Management

These Actions keep everyone on a distributed sales team in-the-know, accountable, and focused on results.


Sales Process Improvements

These Actions quantify sales inefficiencies, bottlenecks and resources needed by sellers. 


Product Launches

These Actions track activity and insights during a product or initiative launch. 

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Operational Efficiency

Cultural Transformation

Medical Research

Social Service Delivery

Citizen Science

Climate Change

Care Giving Initatives

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