Groopit Joins Slack Marketplace to Help Leaders Gather Structured Data

New Groopit integration with Slack makes it easy for employees to share structured, quantifiable data while they collaborate over Slack

SEATTLE — February 15, 2022 — Groopit, an enterprise SaaS solution that makes it easier for business leaders to collect and share real-time data from frontline employees, today announced it has built an integration with Slack and joined the Slack Marketplace. The new integration between Groopit and Slack enables business leaders to turn Slack conversation into structured data that can be used to make decisions.

Millions of teams use Slack every month to collaborate and get work done. Customer-facing employees often end up talking about what they learn – product feedback and requests, competitive intelligence, customer successes, and sales strategies that work. All of this is available in the historical chat conversations, but it is free-flowing and unstructured narrative, making it hard to quantify insights being shared by employees on the front lines. For example, using Slack it’s impossible for a Chief Revenue Officer to read all of the conversations and net out the feature gaps that are stalling sales or quantifiably extract wins and customer successes across disciplines. Leaders need a way to extract real-time data from Slack in a way that is structured and usable if they are to stay nimble and turn these insights into actions that grow their business.

“We’re thrilled to bring the first and only enterprise solution enabling real-time data sharing to the Slack Marketplace,” said Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO. “With this launch, Groopit now supercharges Slack workspaces so that everyone involved in sales, marketing, and product development can make better, faster decisions with real-time data from customer-facing employees.” 

Groopit gives leaders an easy way to collect structured data from the front lines in real time and immediately share it with everyone involved so they can use it to inform their own decisions. Adding the ability to share structured data from within Slack extends Groopit into the most popular collaboration product in the world.

For a limited time, Groopit is offering a free 14-day trial of the Groopit App for Slack. Visit for details and to schedule a demo.

About Groopit

Groopit is an enterprise SaaS solution for leaders. It’s the ultimate way to get, share and use real-time data from frontline employees. The company is creating and leading a new product category called crowdsolving, which combines real-time data collection and real-time data sharing to deliver game-changing business results. The company was founded in 2018 by Tammy Savage and John Vert. To learn more about Groopit, visit