Groopit Launches Salesforce Capabilities to Deliver Insights Directly from Frontline Sellers to the Appropriate Business Decision-Makers

The dilemma of what’s next – how to allocate resources, adjust pricing, invest in product – is going to get easier with real-time insights from employees who are closest to customers.

SEATTLE — July 27, 2023Groopit, the enterprise SaaS platform that makes it easy to crowdsource insights from employees, today launches new Salesforce capabilities that help leaders determine what’s next using insights from frontline sellers.

Business leaders are constantly determining what’s next – how to allocate resources, adjust pricing, improve customer experience, and invest in products. But by the time you have data to support your plans, it’s too late. Decisions have already been made, opportunities have been missed, deals have been lost, customers are frustrated, and competitors have moved ahead.

The future of “what’s next” starts by adding Groopit to Salesforce. Groopit delivers the critical business insights needed to inform decisions from Salesforce, directly to your department and to you. For the first time, you can harness the collective wisdom of your frontline employees within Salesforce, guaranteeing that these invaluable insights reach you and the key decision-makers across your organization. Simply install Groopit from AppExchange into your instance of Salesforce and you’ll have the quantitative data you need from employees who are closest to customers. Insights at your fingertips, in real-time, making it easy to determine and articulate what’s next.

Groopit provides business leaders with extreme agility, speed, and scale. As business needs change and evolve, you’ll redefine the insights you need and get them fast – without waiting for Salesforce configuration. The enterprise system is built on top of a Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, so it will power hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of your employees at a time, updating data in real-time. Today, enterprises like Home Depot, Siemens, and Guidant Financial, rely on Groopit to inform their most strategic initiatives with real-time insights from the frontline.

Key features and capabilities include:

Groopit Insight Feeds. Groopit delivers precisely the right insights, from frontline employees working in Salesforce, directly to you and the appropriate decision-makers across corporate disciplines. Receive insights from Salesforce and easily consume them in Slack, Teams, email, or wherever you work.

Groopit Templates. New and updated templates for the most common use cases provide precisely the right data surrounding each insight. Templates include competitive pricing intelligence, customer experience breakages, field site visit learnings, new product reactions, operational issues, positive customer quotes, wins, losses, and more.

Groopit Integrations. 94% of sales organizations plan to consolidate their tech stack in the next 12 months.* Groopit makes that possible by establishing an underlying insight sharing engine that works across disciplines, consolidating and eliminating data silos that exist in discipline specific systems.

Groopit Quick Start. Eliminate Salesforce configuration wait time. With Groopit, business leaders define the insights needed from frontline sellers without waiting on Salesforce configuration or support. You’ll get the precise data needed, fast, and everyone, including Salesforce Administrators, saves time.

Groopit Sharing. According to Salesforce Research, 69% of sales professionals agree their job is harder and reducing administrative work is key. Groopit radically simplifies how reps contribute insights with a few quick taps, in less than a minute, and from wherever they work – Salesforce, Teams, Slack, web, and mobile.

“Groopit transforms business problem solving, just like smartphones transformed photography – both delivering high-quality, rapid views and outcomes that were previously out of reach”, says Tammy Savage, CEO & Co-founder of Groopit. “With Groopit, leaders decide the vantage point from which they approach a problem, immediately receive data from employees to form a high-fidelity image of that problem, and can pivot immediately to explore new angles. It transforms how leaders are understanding competitors and improving customer experiences, products, and operations.”

The new Groopit App for Salesforce is available beginning today. For more information on the solution, please visit

About Groopit

Groopit is the leading provider of crowdsolving software, a new category of enterprise SaaS software that transforms how people come together to solve problems. With Groopit, front-line employees share real-time data to illuminate a problem, and everyone involved is empowered to make better, faster decisions. To learn more about Groopit, visit