Groopit Launches New Salesforce Integration to Capture Insights Employees Share in Slack and Teams

New Groopit App for Salesforce solves the #1 request from Salesforce and Slack customers

SEATTLE — August 24, 2022 — The new Groopit App for Salesforce transforms how companies gather actionable insights from employees working in Slack and Microsoft Teams. With only a few quick taps from any conversation in Slack or Teams, employees can share information, associate each insight with an account or opportunity, and have this knowledge record added to Salesforce in real time. For the first time, actionable insights can be requested, captured, aggregated, and surfaced to cross-discipline teams and their leadership in real time. The Groopit App for Salesforce launched today on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Employees already discuss how to accelerate growth, outsmart competitors, improve products, reduce inefficiencies,and help customers succeed. But these insights are seldom added into Salesforce. They get lost in Slack, evaporate in Zoom and Teams, and hide in countless spreadsheets and survey responses – all disconnected from Salesforce. With Groopit, an innovator in enterprise crowdsolving, leaders can be purposeful and define the insights they want employees to share without support from a Salesforce Administrator.

The Groopit App for Salesforce aggregates competitive intelligence, sales insights, product feedback, and operational data shared by employees working across different channels, departments, locations, disciplines, and systems and then delivers actionable insights in real time to empower everyone to make better, faster decisions.

Over 150,000 companies use Salesforce CRM to grow their business by strengthening customer relationships. Groopit adds the power of enterprise crowdsolving to Salesforce to transform how cross-discipline teams make decisions and solve complex problems faced by corporate leaders of all types; product, sales, market intelligence, and operational leaders.

Guidant Financial, which has helped over 25,000 small business owners fund and launch a business, uses the Groopit App for Salesforce to improve customer experience and operations. “Having high-quality customer insights is game-changing,” said Jeremy Ames, Guidant Financial President and Co-founder. “Groopit helps our employees capture customer feedback after every call, right from their existing workflows in Salesforce. Instead of completing an unconnected survey or spreadsheet, employees share structured data with a few quick taps. Groopit gives our leadership team the agility we need to inform any decision with insights from what our team is hearing from customers.”

“We’re excited to bring crowdsolving, an entirely new category of enterprise software, to the Salesforce AppExchange,” said Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO. “Making it easy to request and collect data on the fly and integrate these insights into the world’s most popular CRM product will empower leaders to solve their most important problems with confidence.”

As Bret Taylor, co-CEO of, said on a recent earnings call, the company’s integration of Slack “remains our top priority as a management team.” Salesforce’s vision is to make Slack the collaborative interface across all their products. But conversational collaboration and structured data don’t often go hand in hand. Collecting structured data from within Slack conversations and sharing that data in Salesforce is still a gap. The new Groopit App for Salesforce fills this high-priority gap between Salesforce and Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Groopit is the leading provider of crowdsolving software, a new category of enterprise SaaS software that transforms how people come together to solve problems. With Groopit, front-line employees share real-time data to illuminate a problem, and everyone involved is empowered to make better, faster decisions. To learn more about Groopit, visit