Introducing Groopit AI: Harnessing Real-time Employee Insights for Proactive Business Decision-Making

In an age of data abundance, Groopit offers businesses a distinctive edge by applying AI to high-quality human intelligence

SEATTLE — September 27, 2023 — In the rapidly evolving world of business intelligence, Groopit breaks the mold with its innovative application of generative AI. While many AI systems passively analyze historical datasets, Groopit AI thrives on the pulse of real-time data, sourced directly from a company’s most knowledgeable assets: its employees.

Operating at the edge of business activities, Groopit collects data as it unfolds. This isn’t about rehashing past events but using unique and contextually relevant intelligence to provide leaders with a live feed into their operations’ present rhythm, paving the way for forward-thinking decisions.

“Every business leader knows the value of timely, reliable insights. Our unique approach centers on gathering real-time data from those who know your operations best: your employees,” said Tammy Savage, Groopit co-founder and CEO. “With Groopit AI, you won’t just gather data; you’ll distill actionable, forward-looking intelligence, enabling leaders to act swiftly and confidently.”

Groopit’s emphasis on high provenance data sets it apart. By collecting insights from employees – those immersed in the intricacies of their roles and industry nuances – Groopit guarantees data of the highest caliber. High-quality human intelligence is then analyzed by Groopit’s advanced AI capabilities, meticulously extracting patterns, anomalies, and highlights. The result is an actionable insight feed tailored for each organization.

Rick McInturff, Walmart Customer Team Lead at Utz Brands, shared his experience: “Groopit has revolutionized how we gather insights from the field and use them to make decisions. With insights directly from our teams on the ground, combined with powerful Groopit AI, we’re not just reacting; we’re strategically managing our next moves.”

Key features of Groopit AI include:

  • Employee-sourced intelligence: Groopit utilizes high-provenance data from informed employees to form the basis for high-quality decision making.
  • Advanced AI analysis: Groopit analyzes human intelligence to understand context, extract key insights, and identify themes and statistical patterns, then generates summary insights written in natural language.
  • Summary insight publishing: Groopit makes it easy for leaders to publish the actionable insights generated by AI to the employees who are involved, interested, and contributing intel.
  • Existing systems integration: Groopit allows data from existing systems, like Salesforce, to be incorporated into the human intelligence that is analyzed, allowing historical context to be included.
  • Knowledge base building: Groopit automatically builds a robust and accessible set of employee insights that grows into a well-organized and valuable corporate asset over time.

Groopit AI is a continuation of Groopit’s commitment to innovative solutions that empower leaders. Groopit AI is not just a tool; it’s a paradigm shift in business intelligence.

About Groopit

Groopit is the leading provider of crowdsolving software, a new category of enterprise SaaS software that transforms how people come together to solve problems. With Groopit, front-line employees share real-time data to illuminate a problem, and everyone involved is empowered to make better, faster decisions. To learn more about Groopit, visit