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Live Demo: Groopit + Salesforce – Insights from frontline employees delivered directly to you

Business leaders are constantly determining what’s next – how to allocate resources, adjust pricing, improve customer experience, and invest in products. But by the time you have data to support your plans, it’s too late. Decisions have already been made, opportunities have been missed, deals have been lost, customers are frustrated, and competitors have moved ahead.

The future of “what’s next” starts by adding Groopit to Salesforce. Groopit delivers the critical business insights needed to inform decisions from Salesforce, directly to your department and to you.

You’ll see how easy it is to:

  • Get precisely the right insights from frontline employees working in Salesforce, directly to you and the appropriate decision-makers across corporate disciplines.
  • Establish an underlying insight sharing engine that works across disciplines, consolidating and eliminating data silos that exist in discipline specific systems.
  • Eliminate Salesforce configuration wait time. With Groopit, business leaders define the insights needed from frontline sellers without waiting on Salesforce configuration or support.
  • Enable easy sharing and reduced administrative work. Groopit radically simplifies how reps contribute insights with a few quick taps, in less than a minute, and from wherever they work – Salesforce, Teams, Slack, web, and mobile.
Tammy Savage, headshot

Tammy Savage

Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO, co-founder and former Microsoft product leader, found that getting real-time data from front line employees is critical to creating competitive advantage. She brings a deep understanding of how to engage employees to share and use business intelligence.