Real-time problem solving with Groopit

“The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  That’s what my Chief Operations Elf calls the hours, days and weeks leading up to Christmas.

That’s all changing this year, with Groopit. 

Here’s how:
Elf using Groopit on mobile phone

Real-time data from every Santa Source

Every second and input counts. Whether it’s Scout Elves reporting a new member of the naughty list, NORAD reporting weather conditions, or my Elf Force reporting a change in average weight per toy, I need to know it all in real-time and I need the dots to be connected immediately. That’s what Groopit’s great at.

Elf toy shop factory floor

Seamless Santa systems integrations

Those elves may look young, but most of them are literally centuries old. Let’s just say they’re not great at learning new systems – it took us 73 years just to get them up to speed on PolarPoint. With Groopit, they can report data from the systems they already know, no training required.

Santa looking at Groopit on laptop

Actionable AI insights delivered faster than Dasher

With so much data coming from so many sources, our Elfen Insight Experts could never spot trends in time for them to matter. Groopit’s AI discovers patterns in the intel and delivers insights we can use to adjust immediately.

Santa Claus

I would say it’s a Christmas miracle, but really,

It’s just great tech.