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7 Strategies for Gathering – and Actually Using – Competitive Intel from Employees
Why is it so hard to get useful competitive intelligence from customer-facing employees? CI leaders know this unique intel can be critical to a company’s success, but lack an effective strategy and system to gather, organize and share it across the organization. In this session, Tammy Savage, CEO of Groopit, will share best practices for making it easier to get the intel you need from your employees and use it real-time to create competitive advantage. You’ll learn how to:
  • Get precisely the right intel. Learn how to define competitive intel so that you get precisely the right insights from employees.
  • Eliminate complicated sharing. Learn how to make sharing easy from the systems employees use – Slack, Teams, Salesforce & more.
  • Transform intel into advantage. Empower everyone at the company to transform intel into competitive advantage.

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Tammy Savage, headshot

Tammy Savage

Tammy Savage, Groopit CEO and former Microsoft executive, brings two decades of experience leading large, distributed teams to deliver business results. Learn how she applies these strategies to gathering competitive intelligence and creating competitive advantage.